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Kirk Freyermuth
Kirk Freyermuth
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Aug. 18, 2015
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Aug. 12
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Bridge Player
about me

Many years ago, I played well enough to receive seeds in the few sectional and regionals here in the Los Angeles area.  I pretty much lost my interest in the game and my playing skills are certainly not what they were when I was in my thirties.

I have, however, become interested in the game again and find the polls and discussions here fascinating.

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Bronze Life Master
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What Motions Should Be Presented at the ACBL General Membership Meeting July 24?
If it's easier for members to amend the bylaws, the other options become more tractable.
Bridge Slangs
A phantom is a failing sacrifice against a (usually game or higher) contract, but when the sacrifice goes for more than the opposing contract (-800 vs -620, e.g.), it's an air ball.
You Judge - The Whole "Whole Story"?
"going around in ever decreasing circles" The clang bird!!
An "offbeat incident"
Gary, I am not trying to defend the editorial. You are questioning Jeff Rubens and The Bridge World about an item that was not known at the time the editorial was published. Perhaps I've missed a reference to the jumping diamond prior to your post and you will be ...
An "offbeat incident"
The editorial was published on page 2 of the May 2016 issue of The Bridge World. It is, actually, unfortunate the Gary Hahn has not seen the editorial. It is labeled "Back from the Brink" and begins with the clause "According to published reports, ...." I have read almost everything published ...
F-N each banned for 3 years, according to IMP Magazine...
Minnie, I see that these comments are the first ones you've published on F-N alleged cheating. You state "No, I do not think they are guilty". Have you followed all the material on BW (and on other web sites)? Have you done the exercises recommended by Nicholas Hammond? Have ...
How do BW members feel about publishing anonymous letters from senders self-identified as ACBL employees.
I think Betty is being naive. Has everyone forgotten the ACBLScore+ debacle? Isn't it time to dig up the skeletons?
Witness for the defense in FS-hearing
Rats! I wish I could find the comment (quite some time ago) about how bridge experts can recognize cheaters just by their mannerisms. Yes, I'm sure there are some egos at work here, but when a slew of recognized experts say that F-S cheated, can't we just accept ...
Right to Counsel
The last time I served on a jury, a gentleman was in the pool and identified himself as an attorney. He opined when questioned (as part of group of prospective jurors) that neither the prosecution nor the defense would want him in the jury. The attorneys for the case disagreed ...
Not yet finished... Cheating scandal - chapter 2
no, it's still there
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