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Kit Overpeck
Kit Overpeck
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June 11
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Sept. 2
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Bridge Pro

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Favorite Bridge Memory
When I got a hug from a girl I had a crush on when a pick up team I played on won an open regional swiss in St. Louis. I had abouit 200 points, and the field included many noteworthy players.
Regular Bridge Partners
Vangie Smith
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Favorite Tournaments
All D11, Spring Nationals
Favorite Conventions
11-13 1NT, Zebulon, 3-under, Walsh Stayman, Kickback,
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Over Their Weak Notrump
My personal preference in bidding over a weak NT is Capeletti (sp?). It is common, translatable among partnerships, and it handles both 5-card one suit hands and two suiters. It is not as elegant as some of the solutions presented here--and I am more of a brick to the head ...
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
John, I looked at the Unit map of D11 (on the D11 website); and my statements were 100% accurate. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Louisville all share borders. In fact, we are a great big blob that encapsulates the heart of D11.
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
David, I understand, and it was merely a hypothetical.
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
I am not sure. I will talk to our tournament coordinator. Thank you for the information on the Final. You will see that I put that in option two. Further, it only serves to modify things to playing in a qualifier on Saturday and the Final on Sunday.
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
John, I am not sure all of this post is true. The next Unit North of Louisville on I65 is Indianapolis. Isn't the next Unit East of Indianapolis on I74 Cincinnati? The Next Unit East and North of Louisville on I71 is Cincinnati. All three cities are interconnected by ...
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
That is great news. I will look to get a team together. Thank you for reminding me. You are one of my favorite DICs.
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
Thank you for your voting. I have decided to try to earn points in all three sectionals. My tentative route is to begin in U130 on Monday. I will stay in U130 until I earn a Q. After I earn a Q in U130, I will travel to U124. I ...
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
For transparency sake, Steve is D11 President--and Steve and I have an interesting history. Everything Steve said is true, except the U130 Progressive Final does indeed occur on Sunday according to the U130 website. In my posts, I have not commented on nor criticized the decision of D11 to allow ...
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
I agree, it can be difficult finding times to place everything. In the future, with a declining active membership, I think the ACBL will change how tournaments may be allocated. Progressive Sectionals are an interesting phenomenon. They comprise of a week of qualifying--and a final that I am not sure ...
Three Sectionals, One District, One Week
I do not think that the District Tournament Chair envisioned that such a thing as this was possible.

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