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Kit Woolsey
Kit Woolsey
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July 29, 2010
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Kit Woolsey is a world-class bridge and backgammon player, analyst, and writer. His most recent major victory was winning the Cavendish Invitational Pairs in 2011. He was elected to the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2005 and lives in Kensington, CA.

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Kit - Sally
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Establishment Rules
Michael, So you agree that we let declarer take a 48% line. How far down do we go? Keep in mind that declarer might well have taken a theoretically anti-percentage line based on table feel, exploiting non-randomness of opponents' carding, or any number of things. I can remember once having ...
6!C defensive problem
I would want to know whether the opponents bid 3 or 3 with 4 hearts and 3 spades.
Establishment Rules
Michael So in my AKJxx opposite xxxx example, you would adjudicate that declarer gets it wrong and goes down since playing AK is the "percentage" play by a tiny amount? That doesn't feel right to me.
Assess the blame (12)
You say that N-S are playing kickback. What does that mean here? Clearly 4 by North would have to be natural, not kickback, since what else can he do if he has a diamond suit he wants to show. In my world, the 4 call is RKC. But ...
Establishment Rules
That sounds fine in theory. But in practice, there is the issue of when there is doubt about what is reasonable doubt. To illustrate: Suppose a player revoked, and equity is attempted to be restored. Declarer needs to take the rest of the tricks to make. Case 1) Declarer needs ...
Logically you should return which Red?
That is true only if partner will always win the ace of hearts if he has it and return a club. I could see partner thinking that either I don't have the ace of clubs or I don't think it is cashing, and playing for a second heart ...
Logically you should return which Red?
Why is it so difficult to state exactly what cards have been played so far when giving a play or defense problem. Maybe these cards don't seem important to the problem proposer, but the solvers may seem something of importance. I would cash the ace of spades at trick ...
Unsafe Safety Play
We are not living in Utopia. Experts miss inferences and make mistakes all the time.
The books have got to go.... Part II
My experience is the same as Joann's. Most major accidents opponents have vs. multi come from using the written defenses and one of the opponents misreading something. Multi just isn't that big a deal. When Steve Robinson and I played in the senior world championships in 2000, written ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
If at the table I were convinced that the 1 call was a mechanical error, then I'd just let him bid 2 and play bridge. If I weren't so convinced, I'd call the director and now it is the director's problem.

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