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Kit Woolsey
Kit Woolsey
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July 29, 2010
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about me
Kit Woolsey is a world-class bridge and backgammon player, analyst, and writer. His most recent major victory was winning the Cavendish Invitational Pairs in 2011. He was elected to the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2005 and lives in Kensington, CA.

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Kit - Sally
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Interpreting partner's bid
I didn't say he doesn't have one of the first 2 hand types. He probably does. But you don't necessarily know which of the 2 hand types he has.
Interpreting partner's bid
He is showing that he thinks 3NT might be the best contract.
Was this a claim?
That isn't true Peggy. By showing your cards to an opponent you may elicit a reaction from him which allows you to read where a critical card is.
Not The Reisinger Final
I was once on the opposite side of that story: Playing with Chuck Lamprey in a BAM event, I opened 5 vulnerable. George Rapee on my left held some high cards, so he doubled. Chuck had a good fit with me, and knowing the scoring table (before the scoring ...
"Run the spades"
Michael, Carrying your AKxx opposite J109xxx example a bit further: Suppose declarer leads from the J109xxx hand. Next follows. And at this moment declarer claims without making a specific statement (he has adequate entries to take the finesse if needed). Would you allow this claim?
B.I.T. problem from Palms Springs Regional
In order to see this in the proper perspective, let's look at an alternate universe: Same auction to start with. However, in this universe North bids 6NT with the speed of light and folds up his cards. South passes, and the opponents briskly cash their ace. E-W claim that ...
Tough Slam
I would win lead, ruff a spade, cash ace of diamonds, ace of hearts, and diamond to king. Assuming nothing exciting happens, set up the spades with a heart finesse in reserve if the spades don't behave. The idea behind cashing one high heart is to set up a ...
Counter-Defense to Woolsey Defense of 1NT Opening Bid
We play that double is a transfer to hearts, and that all other bids mean exactly the same as if 2nd seat had passed. We use this structure regardless of the meaning of the 2 call, provided that the call doesn't show at least one specified major. Is ...
Was this a claim?
Clearly declarer was intending it as a claim, as otherwise why would he have made the statement in the first place? The proper procedure when declarer claims is that he shows his hand to the defenders, along with whatever statement which is part of the claim. The defenders look it ...
Interesting stats about being dealer from Pavlicek
I don't know that this study really shows anything. I would be much more interested in a study examining results on hands in team games where at one table the dealer passed and the other table the dealer didn't pass. This might indicate how much advantage (or disadvantage ...

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