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Kit Woolsey
Kit Woolsey
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July 29, 2010
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Kit Woolsey is a world-class bridge and backgammon player, analyst, and writer. His most recent major victory was winning the Cavendish Invitational Pairs in 2011. He was elected to the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2005 and lives in Kensington, CA.

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Kit - Sally
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What is the best line of play?
Because sometimes the diamonds aren't 3-2. If the king of hearts is onside and the diamonds are 3-2, I'm always making even if I lose the diamond finesse.
Get That Overtrick
You aren't competing against the pairs in 3NT. If they get the diamonds right, they beat you. Similarly, you aren't competing against the pairs in 6. There might be some competition against the pairs in 4, but only if there is QJxx of spades offside -- since ...
Takeout or Penalty/Cards #1
Assuming banana isn't spades, we play this as a puppet to the next step, allowing us to distinguish between a hand which has game interest and a hand which is just competing. A direct 3-level call is constructive. It is basically the same concept as a 2NT lebensohl call ...
Defense is still hard
I wouldn't know which heart to continue with as partner could have Jx, Jxx, or xx, so I'm shifting. I wouldn't know which spade to shift to, as declarer could have xx or Qx. A club shift could run into declarer's KJ10xx or something like that ...
What is the best line of play?
I changed my mind. It looks like I will be passing the jack of diamonds whether the heart finesse wins or loses, so I should do that first since the entries are more convenient that way. The main plan will be to ruff 2 hearts.
ATB Another Missed Slam
Why wouldn't you want to be in 6? Seems like it is cold on 2-2 clubs, and has plenty of play even if you have to lose a club trick.
ATB Another Missed Slam
Anybody who responds 1NT with the North hand would be better off not playing forcing 1NT response so they wouldn't be able to make such a bid.
What is the best line of play?
A good theme for this sort of hand is: Do what you have to do first. Here you know you are going to have to take the heart finesse at some point, so it looks right to cross to the ace of clubs and take that finesse. Your follow-up will ...
Opener's rebid over 1NT in a 2/1 context
Point count is only one factor. There are many other things to consider. Some of them are: What is your doubleton? If it is a doubleton club, you will be forced to rebid 2 if you bid. A 2 bid is more likely to be dropped than a ...
What does this double show?
The double shows that I should be in the market for a new partner.