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KJ King
KJ King
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March 26, 2012
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14 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

former District 20 Recorder

District GNT KO's for district 14 and 20

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Bridge Accomplishments
World Championship at Pastors apt in 1985
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Cornhusker Bridge Club 76-83, Pastor Bridge Club 84-93
Favorite Tournaments
Red Bluff Sectional
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Ruby Life Master
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Robot meltdown
different versions of bots, but there is a GIB forum on bridgebase if you can stand the snarky comments.
David Carlisle's bidding problem: 2 K KT9543 Q7654
most likely on this auction once he rebids 2 we most likely overbid by not passing one , only hope now is partner is 54(31) and will bid 3 card minor over 2NT or pass on min. On simulation best contracts with chance of making are minors suits ...
I guess in a round about way this is like Mackinnons book on bridge probability.
BBO Raises Bot Game Price by 25%
even today the bots are free( first of month) and there are too many versions of bots out there. at least in sanctioned games where bots are advanced does help but they don't allow us to see results anymore unless we play in the games so hard to tell ...
BBO Raises Bot Game Price by 25%
is this just for bots or for all acbl games?
KJ King's lead problem: 965 AQ98 954 J65
------South cards already dealt:------  9 6 5  A Q 9 8  8 5 4  J 4 3 -------- North Definitions N1->N1 -------- N1 Acc HP 8-40 4-4 0-1 3-5 3-5 -------- West Definitions W1->W1 -------- W1 Acc HP 0- 7 0-4 5-6 0-5 0-5 -------- East Definitions E1->E1 -------- E1 Acc HP15-17 2-5 ...
KJ King's lead problem: 965 AQ98 954 J65
and if he had 5 spades might have cue bid 2 directly or if he was 4144. I was surprised about lead but give me what constraints are for 1NT bidder and I will run it again
KJ King's lead problem: 965 AQ98 954 J65
ran this through the lead captain analyzer with 10,000 hands. top leads were small and small
KJ King's lead problem: 965 AQ98 954 J65
I don't think I could have made that a choice but I would of liked to add I would of bid choice
How was your first bridge clob experience?
Bruce has only been playing for 40+ years! a story told to me about Bruce was: he was playing against a lady with a speech impediment and he thought she opened 4 pails so he bid 4 buckets and then the TD was called
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