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Sept. 1, 2015
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What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
One more reason why top events should be played online (I don't mean public internet, just over the computer network like e-sport events). Many problems that we are facing today will disappear automatically.
Some new ideas about transfers
Then you will pay the price big time over interference. Intervention over 1m will be very difficult to handle and you will be losing regularly. I did a study of 1NT over the course of a full league season (in Poland) and one full Bermuda Bowl. I compared two schemes ...
Some new ideas about transfers
If you take ANY opening bid (1NT, 2, 2NT etc.) and move it lower you will always improve in precision. So no wonder playing 1 as 15-17 BAL instead of 1NT is an improvement. In the same vein I can beat your solution easily: in my system the ...
Slam bidding in a relay system
"But clearly, that's where you pay the price - both in losing relays for the BAL hands (the most common type) - and less flexibility in opener's continuations - you need to make the 1 relay more often than you otherwise would." I don't consider losing the relays for ...
Slam bidding in a relay system
Ian, I played 1 - ? 1 - 0-7 any or 8+BAL 1... - 8+ as above This is how I got rid of balanced hands. Over the 1 response the 1 rebid was again multi-meaning, others showing 16-21 in the same manner as the scheme above. Over ...
Slam bidding in a relay system
"It's not clear to me how this enables shape-showing to end "... very, very low ..."?" It does because there is no need to specify strength exactly, as the matter of fact the describer can be unlimited (8+ after the strong club) and Two Suited Ask still works great. If you ...
Slam bidding in a relay system
I like Ruminski's Two-Suit Ask (invented by Stanislaw Ruminski, the author of the No Name strong pass system). After the shape is known the next bid sets two longest suits (yes, you agree two suits), then the next bid the longest and the third longest, then the next one ...
Different explanations in the middle of the hand - what now?
This is exactly what my question is about: what should the TD tell the player? Based on which laws? And how does it depend on who said what?
Bidding without Lebensohl
I thought the old fashioned way to play was to use hesitations to differentiate between various hand types eg. over 2 and partner's double: a) you bid 3 quickly and immediately fold your cards and start looking at the ceiling - SHOWS WEAK HAND TYPE b) you carefully ...
Mindful revoke

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