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Konrad Ciborowski
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Sept. 1, 2015
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March 14
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Methods when last train is doubled
"Note that the X gives you options to show some life without going past 4M, which you wouldn't be able to do without it." I'm not sure this particular aspect is relevant. Since we started cue-bidding we already expressed some (at least mild) slam interest. Once the major ...
Strong players who learned bridge later in life?
When it comes to awareness of one's mistakes - you're spot on. When I was an up-and-coming junior player then going over the hands was generally a pleasureful process. Especially after a good tournament it would go like this: "Here instead of beating their 2x for +100 I ...
An Unsigned Letter to the ACBL
I'm quite baffled by what is being said here about bridgemates. In Poland we use them for all kinds of tournaments: IMPs, MPs, BAM, teams, leauge matches, single session, multiple sessions, Swiss Pairs, Swiss Teams, you name it. In the recent 5 years or so they were used in ...
From Eric Kokish system notes: [i]A simple 2 by 1 opener indicates reversing values and is therefore FG as doubler has shown some values. A jump in by 1 opener confirms 6/5+ without overwhelming HCP. It is not forcing and doubler’s preference to ...
How to deal with an illegal system / convention
[i]. However, since your 1-4-4-4 hand will occur roughly 0.75% of the time,[/i] Wrong again. 0.75% is the a priori probability. Once partner has opened 2 the odds of all hands containing singleton spade go way up high. Also you don't need to wait for ...
How to deal with an illegal system / convention
Who says about overcalling with any 13 cards? But if your range is 5-15 then your average strength is only 10 HCP. So overcalls will be pretty common, thus on many hands your system of asking bids will be useless. Not to mention that the 5-15 range is so wide ...
How to deal with an illegal system / convention
[i]First of all, as they explained, they were playing a system of relays and asking bids over their 2 openings, so it would probably have been very much playable.[/i] Your partner opens 2 showing 5-15 points, your RHO overcalls 3. There go your relays and asking ...
Wow - F-N still appearing in The Bridge World this month
I've always believed that the attitude of the community towards such pairs is a major factor. Edgar Kaplan once commented that he considered the main problem of bridge that such pairs are not subject to ostracism. The recent Bridge World is just one of many such examples. To give ...
38 HCP: A Puzzle
I once dealt a 39 HCP deal myself though I didn't get the chance to actually play it. It was in the days when hands were dealt manually. We had a first round bye and honestly dealt 2 hands & then entered the distributions to the traveler. One of those ...
Trust the Defender
I must admit I first played East for 3=2=4=4. My reasoning was that with AKxxx West might have bid something (presumably 2NT as Lebensohl) over 2. I know I would. I thought this clue was more important that the return of the 10 but then I ...

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