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Koos van der Vegt
Koos van der Vegt
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May 26, 2013
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Dec. 21, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm a Dutch junior player, currently national youth champions thanks to our wonderful team. I like strange conventions and artificial systems. With my regular partner I picked up an American relay system known as Transfer Oriented Symmetric Relay Precision.

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Don't torture yourself
With my regular partner, pass in his seat means he has no problem. Redouble with me would mean i have doubt in . I don't have any problem so I pass.
Your verdict
I'm just going to play advocate of the devil here. South bid 3 with the meaning of a game try in , at that moment he should have alerted per WBF rules. Although 3 is natural according to their methods S did not know that at that ...
Declarer with an accent 3
Maybe it's just me, but shouldn't you report this player to the recorder. The fact that he demanded you to stop speaking with the TD seems, to me, a clear violation of ZT at least.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AJ976 A9 A96 A72
This reminds me of a hand a few years ago, where my partner held 4 aces and heard me opening 4. After a long pause he finally bid to the just making 5. 6 had no play.
Have you ever seen this auction before?
I can't remember the exact auction but it went something like this: 1 (2) 3 (4) 5 (p) X a.p
Article 75B gives an example of MI. IT deals with a bid of 2. B. Mistaken Explanation The actual partnership agreement is that 2♦ is a natural signoff; the mistake was in North’s explanation. This explanation is an infraction of Law, since East-West are entitled to an accurate ...
Koos van der Vegt's bidding problem: AKQJxxx x Txxxx ---
Partner has a monster hand, if you bid 5/5 you will get doubled and make 11 tricks. Partner has: xxx AKQJxx x xxx
weirdest Conventions and Treatments
In the Netherlands we call it a Belgian q-bid.
weirdest Conventions and Treatments
The weirdest convention I can think of is an invention of two of my regular Junior teammates. It mainly consists of a 10-17 NT opening, any position any vulnerability. We've changed the responses from Stayman to our own versions. This method is able to produce the most random results ...
Active Ethics- is it 'natural'?
Nick, I never used the word cheating because I don't think it's cheating. But I do feel it's unethical. Your partner obviously still has the chance to bid 4NT but you put the partnership in an awkward spot. The fact that the main reason is that partner ...
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