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Kornel Lazar
Kornel Lazar
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Oct. 4, 2013
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Oct. 13, 2017
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Defensive Problem
Why too late? Decl can't get back to his hand without putting my partner on lead & he can give me a ruff. (under the 7222 scenario)
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: 432 KQ864 J6 AJ8
2N is best guessed by the amount of spade cards in your hand :) probably minors... If that is the case, then X is the same, but fewer minors / more defense / tolerance for defending.
How to make this doubled contract?
I was the one bidding 3, I can tell you my reasoning. P is a passed hand, in a pairs game I judged to neglect the chances of us making game. I'd always compete to 3, so I might as well do it as fast as possible ...
Péter Talyigás's bidding problem: AKQJ87 8 54 T654
+playing 3N is an option after opening 3S as well :)
Kornel Lazar's bidding problem: 5 AJT75 AQ9632 T
Agree with the 4N-bidders -- just wanted to see how much sense doubling makes. I guess the problem is that partner will pull when he shouldn't = with length & red shortness(es), and not pull when he probably should = when bal, i.e. with fit.
Kornel Lazar's bidding problem: AQ2 JT642 AQT3 9
Thank you for the votes. Turns out the 2 bidding problems I recently posted are related. My partner held the following cards: J3 AQ53 92 KQ873 We both passed over 2, missing a making 4. Other room the auction went (2) p (3) 4 (!)
Avoid the Guess
Great analysis, thanks! There is one distribution left unexplored: 3-3 . (Ditch a on the return, ruff high, A, K, get rid of 2 on the Q + 13th .) Looking at 3 might've tipped off RHO to return a , though. The inference from ...
Kornel Lazar's bidding problem: K9653 8742 32 73
- Against a strong club system where responder can have a strong raise, it's not at all likely that P has a heart void, so anything other than pass would be crazy. - Against a standard system though, P rates to have a heart void as well as some points. P ...

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