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Kostas Vovos
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Nov. 8, 2012
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I had a recent conversation with a friend that here (in Greece) Everyone thinks that the rule of 9 is about doubling and how they have misunderstood it. Now i see that this misconception exists in other parts of the world too (phew). As someone Ed stated above the rule ...
Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: J95 A5 K874 AQJT
What are my methods for punishing opponents?
Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
But why shouldnt they have a discount? dont you want young people, given that they want to play professionally, to have a reason to be preferred by sponsors?
Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
I can see the logic behind it but i am not sure i agree with this. I mean if i can graduate by 22 or 23 maybe i dont so i keep the discount
Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
In Greece also the discount is 50% for players between 18-25 which makes a difference because tournaments are usually 25 euro for a 3 day tournament so a junior only pays 12.5 which is quite more affordable and invites everyone to play every time
A New Par Contest
Are past tournament hand records available? Can someone find them online and test his skills ?
Director's ruling problem in a claim
He is left with J of hearts and KJ club so now after the overruf and club return he cashes his trumps upside down. Kit either he begins by ruffing a diamond and going for crossryff or spade ruff club spade ruff and club
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Steve to cater for Axx in the west hand you have to play exactly for that going down on any other layout so i dont think you can play for this. Also the double after you have seen KQ A AK points towards this distribution
Director's ruling problem in a claim
His claim is not valid for sure. The problem is that the director must adjust to a result based on the remaining tricks where as the cards lie i dont think he can go down playing sth rational. His claim is very bad and he should be awarded a P ...
Director's ruling problem in a claim
So what will you make him play? We are taking about the best six teams in Greece so declarer's play can't be a beginner's

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