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Krishna Chakravartula
Krishna Chakravartula
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March 21, 2012
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Experienced Bridge player based in Bangalore, India.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Pulling of a Grosvenor gambit against friends at a bridge party in my house.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won at Zonal Level, Qualified to final stage at National Level.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Conventions
DONT'T'ON - A Strong Club Defense.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Best Defenses against Strong One Club opening bids
A lesser known variant is DONTTON - DONT and Transfers ON vs. a Strong Club. Destructive bids on Opp artificial 1♣ and 1♣-1♦ Openings. Dbl = Lead Directional in ♣ or ♥ (Rounded Suits) PASS = Lead Directional in ♦ or ♠ (Pointed Suits) 1♦ = 5+♥ or no more than 2♥ 1♥ = 5+♠ or no more ...
Will these problems with pre empts never end?
Please don't crucify me for my casual comment!
Will these problems with pre empts never end?
True enough, or maybe it was a casual response misreading never as ever. Interesting that those assigning blame are kind of split between East and West, which would suggest that the blame averages out evenly - but that is something hardly anyone voted for.
Will these problems with pre empts never end?
Yes, they will never end.
Good Bridge, Sound Bridge, Winning Bridge - Define Your Terms
Sound Bridge is measured by the decibel output of partner during the postmortem. Good Bridge is bids and plays that minimise Sound Bridge. Winning Bridge is finding a partner who plays Good Bridge.
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
You should probably strive to partner with a player who holds the cards differently from you in order to flummox the opponents or at the least provide your opponents with more opportunities to exercise their neck muscles.
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Someone once told me that there are three kinds of people, visual/auditory/kinaesthetic, based on whether they tend to look upwards/sideways/downwards. Perhaps we could have something similar for Bridge personas, based on whether they hold their cards above/alongside/below the table.
Poland should not have played in the Bermuda Bowl.
Especially against a black background, which is why IBM picked that for the monochrome computers of yore :)
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
It is not unusual at all. I'm left handed and while I play with my left nearly all the time, I've played with my right on occasion. I also often flip the card on the table and it lands completely randomly.
2014 Spingold Champs Offer to Vacate Titles
Not quite silence from BBO

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