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Krishna Chakravartula
Krishna Chakravartula
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March 21, 2012
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19 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Experienced Bridge player based in Bangalore, India.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Pulling of a Grosvenor gambit against friends at a bridge party in my house.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won at Zonal Level, Qualified to final stage at National Level.
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Favorite Conventions
DONT'T'ON - A Strong Club Defense.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
anything to see here?
These players deserve better. The brilliant, imaginative and farsighted 1♥ response should have fetched the expected ♠ lead.
Sometimes a hand is just too hard?
When in doubt, trust aphorisms like punching opponents when you have trump length :)
Conditional Restricted Choice
It is also trivial to understand the reasoning behind 0.5*21C11 versus 17C12 + 4C1*17C11 + 4C2*17C10 and calculate it at the table when playing online with a computing device handily available :-)
Conditional Restricted Choice
At the end of the day I'm glad that though my math was incomplete, my gut feel that finessing was anti-percentage (even with the assumption that it was a pure restricted choice situation) turned out to be right as Kurt's Combinations computing the odd favouring the drop showed.
Conditional Restricted Choice
You are right, I was hasty in posting it. Guess I was concentrating more on the verse than the figures :-)
Conditional Restricted Choice
Yeah, sorry about that.
Conditional Restricted Choice
Yes incorporating the vacant spaces for the suit in calculating the suit break would also significantly lower the odds. I only used the very basic numbers to make the point that if there is just about any additional factor to consider in addition to restricted choice, then RC ...
Conditional Restricted Choice
I did consider factoring in this, but didn't bother as in any case the overall odds were already anti-percentage.
Conditional Restricted Choice
BBO Censorship?
"Chances are the message you got back was issued automatically by some artificial intelligence." Flagged by a software program anyway - certainly not AI when it does it via automated rules and lacks the intelligence to determine what is harmless and what is objectionable.

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