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Krzysztof Martens
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Jan. 22, 2014
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The 5 level belongs to: __________
In last 10 years championship I found 13 bords with this situation. 3C,D - X or 3H,S - 5C,D - ?. Green against red. 11 times they bid for preempt, 2 they can win. 7 times we need cooperation, especially after double. With: AKJxxxx,xx,xx,Kx Bidding was 3D - X ...
The 5 level belongs to: __________
How often we need cooperation to double, bid 5 or 6 heart? How often they bid 5D to win (green against red) and if we double, redouble. With our hand you really know what to do? With QJ10,AJ10xxx,x,AJx for 5H we pay 500 and they 100 to ...
Bermuda Bowl RR3: MONACO vs. CHINA
Hi Eugene. Board 3. I made mistake in first trick. I lead heart 10.
Matt Smith Promotion
Congratulation Matt. Good luck.Nothing more to say.
DIAMOND Wins Spingold
Well done. Congrats.
3NT Overcall over Pre-empt. Methods?
IMO - best concept- double transfers.Create cooperation.
NICKELL Wins Vanderbilt
Well done.Congratulation. Good luck.
Forcing or Not
1D - 2C - X - pass 3C - any GF a) GF hand without 4M and club stopper b) Gf hand +4D-4M (with or without club stopper). With hands (a)we have no continuation after 3D,H,S With +4D-4H and without club stopper, we have no bid after 3S. With +4D-4S ivitational ...
Forcing or Not
Sequence 1D -2C - X - pass 3C -pass 3H -pass 3S - should be asking for stopper with Ax,xx,AKQJxxx,xx Then jump to 3S should be forcing without stopper in clubs. HNY
Illusionists at card play
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