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Krzysztof Martens
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Jan. 22, 2014
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June 21
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NICKELL Wins Vanderbilt
Well done.Congratulation. Good luck.
Forcing or Not
1D - 2C - X - pass 3C - any GF a) GF hand without 4M and club stopper b) Gf hand +4D-4M (with or without club stopper). With hands (a)we have no continuation after 3D,H,S With +4D-4H and without club stopper, we have no bid after 3S. With +4D-4S ivitational ...
Forcing or Not
Sequence 1D -2C - X - pass 3C -pass 3H -pass 3S - should be asking for stopper with Ax,xx,AKQJxxx,xx Then jump to 3S should be forcing without stopper in clubs. HNY
Illusionists at card play
Add Geir Helgemo to the list
Best methods after our weak (12-14) 1NT is doubled?
I play weak NT more then 10 years. I like concept rdbl= partner, they have a problem.
1!D-1!H-2!D solutions?
My suggestion: Sequence 1D – 1H – 2D - 2NT Repeating the diamonds after a 1H response promises a 6-card suit. A no-trump waiting bid has obvious limitations. It may be used only with a hand from which we want to play a no-trump contract. Example: W E ♠K72 ♠AQ103 ♥3 ♥AKJ2 ♦AQ10983 ...
10 weeks
Boye “ GOD” Brogeland …Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story…. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Max ...
10 weeks
Many years ago I play teams tournament in Cairo. Opponent play 6 hearts with Axxxxx – KJxx. He claim, but I have Q10x. Was so obvious, to play low to the ace. We don’t call director. Our sponsor ( beginner) go one down (playing K). He ask me – should I claim ...
Forcing pass at some "low" level
IMO all depend on context, They are red against green - pass is not forcing (very often they bid to win). They are green against red -pass of course is forcing (very ofter they bid to preempt)
What is the "standard expert" treatment?
Sequence 1. W N E S 3H,S pass 5C,D - ? Sequence 2. W N E S 3H,S pass 4C,D pass 4H,S pass 5C,D pass What we need? a) Conditional Blackwood. (4C) b) Cue bids with hand AQx, AK,xxx,AKQxx c) Natural with ---,AKx,AQx ...

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