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Kurt Schneider
Kurt Schneider
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July 19, 2012
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March 20
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Bridge Player
about me

Canadian living in NH

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Bidding and making 6CX with 10 combined HCP against perfect defense.
Favorite Conventions
Anything involving canapé
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Bronze Life Master
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Paul Hightower's bidding problem: AKJT6 T A943 QJ7
True - my mistake. Did not look at positioning before making the comment. Direct overcall is weak. Doesn't change my vote for 1.
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: AKJT6 T A943 QJ7
Double misleads the spade suit length and most NA pairs use a 2 overcall as weak.
Paul Marjoram's bidding problem: AKQJTxx xxx xx x
Master suit, bide your time with 1. Partner may find some diamond stoppers along the way. 4 is a crap shoot and 3 virtually eliminates 3N as a destination.
Snowball in Hell
Participated in an 11HCP small slam off 3 key cards. The A and K of trump split 1-1. Unbeatable...
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: 87 T63 K8 QT7652
3 should show 3cards, since with 4cards I would be inclined to raise 2 directly after the 3 bid. Partner is well placed to make further decisions.
4-level Cue-bid of Opponent's Suit
Frances - I agree with your comment that this was a faulty poll. However, at least 9 (at time of writing) of the voters "liked" Ed Reppert's post indicating 1st or 2nd round control. I'm fairly comfortable with my 'majority of posters' statement and conclusion - as anyone who wanted ...
4-level Cue-bid of Opponent's Suit
The reason I posted this was simply to ascertain whether the majority of posters would expect a diamond control, or whether the 4 bid was a general slam try. My thoughts/concerns were that there was no consensus on what 4 would show, and that it could be ...
Kieran Dyke's bidding problem: QJ52 --- QJT9652 K3
Playing 4card majors and canapé, I can't tell you how often we've gotten a top board playing in a 44 major fit when the opponents are not aware of the hidden 'long minor' that ultimately sets up. Edited to add a recent example hand... [url]http://www.bridgebase ...
You Never Know What Might Happen
With standard count, I've always advocated low with odd, and with even, a high enough card to not look low. I fail to see with J732, what leading the 3 does for partner. And with 6 cards, it is even more important to lead an obviously NOT low card.
4-level Cue-bid of Opponent's Suit
This essentially is the crux of my question: 1) general slam try in clubs 2) slam try clubs, cue in diamonds Which one does the majority of posters believe is the more common?
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