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Kurt Schneider
Kurt Schneider
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July 19, 2012
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March 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Canadian living in NH

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Bidding and making 6CX with 10 combined HCP against perfect defense.
Favorite Conventions
Anything involving canapé
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Bronze Life Master
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What is the meaning of double?
That's a 1 opener for me. I rule out penalty double for a simple reason - any hand with which I feel I can make 6 spade tricks on my own, would have been opened 1 or 2.
What is the meaning of double?
I'm punting - probably some form of Lebensohl. I simply cannot conceive of a NON-opening hand or NON-2 pre-empt, doubling for penalty. So what did the bid mean?
What is the meaning of double?
"Makes no sense to attempt a 3-level contract in an 8-card fit when we know we hold less than half the power." Who says 8-card fit? I would expect partner to have 1=2=(55) for this bid, preparing to sacrifice over the expected 4 (or higher) contract. If ...
The Blue Card
Kit – so as I understand it, in response to 2N, you use 3 as a minimum and use 3 otherwise. And after 3, you use 3 with a game forcing hand to ask for shape, else 3 to play. What would 1-2N-3 show?
The Blue Card
Thank you for the response. Would it be possible for you to share your 1M raise system? As a Strong Club player myself, I play a system that includes mini-splinters, 2M+1 as a limit raise or better, and maxi-splinters.
What is the meaning of double?
I'm a passed hand. Hence I need 6 spades to effectively penalize 2, since I do not have the necessary HCP, and I can't count on partner to have more than 1/2 defensive trick. If I had enough spades to effectively double 2 with less ...
The Blue Card
I'm curious as to the benefit of using 3 as your "weak" response. This can be doubled for lead directing reasons and if responder is only a limit raise, he is obligated to bid 3. Would it not be more efficient to bid 3 with a ...
What has partner got?
How forcing is 1!C - (2!H) - 3!H?
Partnership agreement. Forcing - we play this as asking for a heart stopper. Opener has a long club suit. 3N or else 4...
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: T98 J8 JT9874 42
Can't see this as penalty - I have too many spades. And I have absolutely no defense. 3N might be passed out for a big minus. 4 is our safest landing spot.

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