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Kurt Schneider
Kurt Schneider
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July 19, 2012
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Jan. 20
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about me

Canadian living in NH

United States of America

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Bidding and making 6CX with 10 combined HCP against perfect defense.
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Anything involving canapé
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Bronze Life Master
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Paul Hightower's bidding problem: T 5 AKQ74 AKQ852
Unless you can look into your opponent's hands and determine whether each of them has a singleton minor, you are at a guess. The cost of not bidding 6C is expensive if they do.
What's your plan?
Bidding any making slam on this hand in MP is a top. Way too much needs to go right (both in partner's holding and in the play) for 6 (or 6N) to be sensible contracts, so why risk it. For example make the SK the HK, and H8 ...
3 cards
What does RHO discard? 7 tricks is simple - the concern is preserving the DA for an entry, so keep all of your available diamonds in both hands. Discarding a club honor in hand will expose the blockage, so a heart discard seems best. Getting an 8th depends on where the ...
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I would argue that Kit's methods should have been outlawed when O/E was outlawed...
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I was under the impression that the reason for "barring" odd-even was a tempo issue, despite there not being one at trick one. And Kit's defensive signals at trick one impact tempo in the same way as odd-even. NOT HAVING an easily usable card for either signal necessitates thought ...
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Not clear to me at all. Either they are both allowed at trick one - or they are both not allowed at all. Trick one - I have all the time in the world to follow to trick one. Tempo is not a problem - so O/E and KIT should be no ...
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Fair enough - then why is O/E not allowed at Trick 1? And I do not buy that O/E has more of a tempo problem. Explain why.
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Lynn: Fully understand (I'm like an attorney making a case) and I agree - see my first post in this chain. Marty: Now we have come back to my original point - Kit's methods suffer the SAME EXACT problem - and should never have been allowed as well. Just like 3rd ...
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Marty - I was referring to muddying on playing to a trick, not discarding. Although O/E have been illegal for many years, they were not illegal in the 70's and early 80's IIRC. Your explanation as to why Kit's are now illegal (above post) would not apply ...
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This muddies the water on odd-even carding. It is very clear to everyone at the table. Is it illegal under the new rules? And if so, why? Thanks.

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