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Kurt Schneider
Kurt Schneider
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July 19, 2012
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Sept. 21
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about me

Canadian living in NH

United States of America

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Bidding and making 6CX with 10 combined HCP against perfect defense.
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Anything involving canapé
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Bronze Life Master
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Bypassing 1!D and bidding 1NT with a balanced hand without a major
The problem with the 10-11 micro-notrump is how to handle the wider range of 12-17 balanced hands. Even with a strong club, there are gaps. A better solution is to open a wider range 10-14 1N without 4card majors - and play 4card majors, either by opening them directly or by ...
Bypassing 1!D and bidding 1NT with a balanced hand without a major
EDIT - posted in wrong location
Bypassing 1!D and bidding 1NT with a balanced hand without a major
Not that this germane to the original post, but our weak notrump systemically denies having TWO 4card majors. In this way, we reduce the likelihood of missing a 44 fit, since if partner has 44 in the majors, s/he will always use Stayman. And if both partners only have ...
Bypassing 1!D and bidding 1NT with a balanced hand without a major
There are a number of references to "winning the race to 1N". While I agree with this philosophy, if this was so important (in MP), then would you not choose to play a weak notrump? I do...
Interesting CommonGame hand from 9/5 Night
P-1-2-4; 5-6-6-P; P-X-AP EDIT: Reversed North and South due to posting method. Agree with Nigel...
Mini Roman; I don't like it but . . .
Have you considered playing 4card majors in your strong club system? Solves many problems, among them this one.
Mini Roman; I don't like it but . . .
Limit the 'Roman' opening to only those that have 44 in the majors. Responses are straight-forward then. 2M = to play, 2N = GF, singleton ask, 3m=P/C, 3M = invite, 3N = to play.
Bidding over a strong 2C
1) 2 waiting. Kit Woolsey positives... 2) The opening bid is forcing to within one trick of game. Unless responder has something special to say, let opener do the talking. 3) The problem with all other methods is wrong siding the contract (unless diamonds). EDIT: Kit's current methodology ...
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: KQ743 AJT5 --- KQJ9
I enclosed the loser reference in quotations for specifically that reason. But using any online reference would show that I need 18+ "points" (including useful distribution - which you have in three of the four suit contracts) for a jump shift. Bidding only 2 would miss solid games when responder ...
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: A2 A3 Q7 AKQJ982
9 tricks only in clubs... There is no standard bid available for this. By opening 2N, you promise at least 2 in each suit, 20-21 HCP, and keeps slam in the equation. Opening 2C gets you nowhere fast.

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