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Kurt Zhang
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June 22, 2013
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about me

Bridge is like the world, full of uncertainty. Maybe this is why I am so fascinated about it. Thanks BW and all my partners and opponents, I am still learning and making progresses steadily. Besides bridge, I try to understand the mathematical nature of life. I don't know which is more difficult, but am sure both requires a lifetime of exploration. 

United States of America

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A number of regional and sectional wins. Look forward to playing in more NABC events.
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Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Unfortunately 1 is still considered odd :). I said East was OEOO while you are saying West is EOOO. It's the same thing. Note I assumed both opponents have the same pattern, so OOEO was not considered. Not sure if the assumption is in favorable percentage, or if it's ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
Sorry, Frances, I thought you said West discards on the second heart. Now West is known EE?O, and East OO?O. Thus, diamonds must be even number, and play for the drop is a sure thing. According to Napoleon "If the patterns are not of the same type, check ...
Patterns VI - Suit Combinations
I think Napoleon kinda answered Kit's questions, he has to know the pattern before giving the answer. If opponents have even pattern (3 even numbers of suits), one opponent must have EOEE distribution and the other has OEEE. So the forth suit (the odd number of suit) must be ...
Masterful Misdirection: Jan Jansma R8 Bd 59
What about N having KQxxxxx Axxx Ax?
Another 3NT
Michael, I like your line because it saves a lot of guesswork. But at the table I would choose OP's line. For OP's line, I need only guess which red Q East holds suppose clubs break 3-3. For your line, an opponent has to hold both red Qs ...
Another 3NT
What do you discard on the third diamond? And what do you discard when the opponent wins the diamond and leads his fourth spade or fourth diamond?
If you know the play you know it/or else it's tough
Thanks for the exercise. I didn't find the solution until reading "cross to the ace of hearts".
Win Sartaj Hans' Money!
In BW usually when Kit Woolsey and Michael Rosenberg have a consensus between themselves, the case is closed. I don't know why Barry keeps torturing us. But Sartaj is such an innovative player who is outstanding in reading proponents' hands. So maybe we missed something in the play. The ...
Win Sartaj Hans' Money!
Is Restricted Choice still applied here? If W drops an honor at the second spade, assuming not a false card, one third of chance he has QJx, and two thirds Hx. So it seems right to end-play W by leading a club from dummy to J rather than ruffing a ...
Win Sartaj Hans' Money!
Partial elimination before playing clubs. A, K, a club to the 9. If W wins the 10 and returns a third spade, he don't have 5 clubs, maybe not even 4, increasing my chance of the K finesse.

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