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Kyle Rockoff
Kyle Rockoff
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Jan. 7, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

Head of Northwestern University's Bridge program! Class of 2019, Majoring in Math and Psychology, with a side focus in Game Theory/Economics.

Obsessed with all things bridge Smile


USBF Junior Program

District 13, Board of Governors


Available for group lessons or private one-on-one mentoring at games in the Chicago suburbs or online-- Say hi in a private message if interested!

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
District 13 Mini-McKenney Masterpoint Race Winner (2016, 2017), 3rd in ACBL Collegiate Bridgebowl (2016), Flight C NAP District 13 Champ (2016), Flight C GNT District 13 Champ (2017), BBO Master and multi-time Dailylong Tournament Champion, several open events 1st-3rds at regionals/sectionals/nationals.
Regular Bridge Partners
Philip McPeek, Luke Robison, Mark Stein, Ilan Wolff, Sarik Goyal, Daniel Weiss
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Northwestern DBC (Owner/Director), Reluctant Redoubler, USBF Jr Program
Favorite Tournaments
Summer Nationals, IL and Wisconsin Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Hybrid Club or Strong Club Structures, RUNT, Transfers over a standard one club
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Kyle/Luke Advanced 2/1– May 2018
2/1 GF
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Takeout or Penalty
2NT's available as wk takeout, no?
Can Bergen raises be unlimited?
If not playing mini-splinters, I like to put them in my forcing LR (usually 3) and then raise to game (think like 5 card support, a stiff, and 8-9 HCPs). I rather keep my other bids (especially responder's splinters) pure than compromise elsewhere with those hands.
How to play 1 minor 1 heart 1 spade?
I like this sequence to show an unbalanced hand, but you really need to play full 2-way NMF to take advantage of it (mostly to help responder pattern out if he is 4-4 in the Majors versus 5-4 in the majors, if he has 4s). I usually define 1 ...
Bridge videos appropriate for youth
The best I've found from experience is just Peter Hollands' Youtube channel: I don't think the ACBL or any others have been too successful in creating a marketing video that is actually appealing to teens. Avoid something too cringe worthy (e.g ...
MANFIELD Wins Mixed Teams
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
Sounds awful Jonathan! Let me know if there's anything to do to help. I would try to get district officials, Education ACBL, alumni involved, try to blow it up as much as possible (maybe try to get an article about it?). Maybe check Ben's thread from the UNC ...
Style Poll
I submitted the issue of not being able to see the poll results to bridgewinners support. A few others have notified me of the same issue.
Style Poll
The 3rd hand diagram cut off, posting as a separate article and trying to fix things.
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
One of my favorite things to do is to put photos of bridges at the end of club emails and promotional materials ironically ;). Eventually people get it.
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
The game's design (pace, rules, scoring, duplicate versus non--duplicate) isn't the problem. It's exposure. At Northwestern, we have a zillion Freshman pass by our booth at the activity fair every year, and like maybe 5 people out of 4000-5000 freshman know what bridge is (and is all ...

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