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Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

Professional Bridge writer and teacher and ex-player.

Not-professional golfer.

United States of America

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Representing U.S. in Ireland against Europe
Bridge Accomplishments
25 National Titles including 4 Blue Ribbon Pairs
Regular Bridge Partners
Marty Bergen, David Berkowitz
Favorite Tournaments
6-Session NABC Pair Games
Favorite Conventions
Anything useful that is not accident-prone or memory-intensive
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A New Blue Ribbon Pair, II
When I did this (in 2007) I got permission from the Directors and swore I would pick 2 deals at random and stick with them (to me, there is no such thing as a boring deal, anyway.) Even if it was 1N-3N at every table, there would be something to ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
NO gadgets! KISS. This entire discussion is for the purpose of a quick, sit-down and just play bridge. Not for serious long-term partnerships trying to win the Bermuda Bowl.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
I have no agenda here regarding "LC Standard." LC Standard is a compilation of my personal preferences. This poll series is to produce a consensus system. Granted, many of these poll questions (this one included) are inter-related. How you answer what a 2NT rebid (or a "high reverse") shows (in ...
Bridge in a day
This is a joke, right? Stayman and transfers on Day 1? Not to mention "McKendrick???" Signalling? How about an ace beats a king. Define "declarer" and "dummy" and who makes the opening lead. How to win a trick and who leads to the next trick. Eventually, if it is a ...
When I used to attend bridge tournaments, the important things to me were: 1) Good playing space/conditions (meaning 70-75 degrees F, drinking water available, good bathroom facilities near playing area, quiet). 2) Easy, fast places to eat within walking distance. 3) Reasonable housing -- within walking distance. As to ambiance ...
To Show or Not To Show?
I plan to go by feel each cruise. Maybe alternate (on one day, off the other) if there seems to be a 50-50 split of opinion. Nice to have read the debate here -- I am well armed to argue either side now. ;)
To Show or Not To Show?
Yes Roger -- I was looking for wisdom. On most issues, I tend to see both sides -- same as here. I did expect the BW community (more experienced players) to lean towards "OFF" -- but not by as much as they did. I plan to write an article about this. Also, I ...
To Show or Not To Show?
There is now a feature whereby the director is automatically alerted by the software to "unusual" scores. This would have been good for the recent World Pairs debacle. If there is a string of N-S +420's and then all of a sudden an EW +620 comes in, the software ...
To Show or Not To Show?
Thanks Kit -- Yes, that definitely should be on the list of "pros." Maybe we need a re-vote.
To Show or Not To Show?
Hi Jeff, That was my "Look Marge, it makes 5." :)

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