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Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

Professional Bridge writer and teacher and ex-player.

Not-professional golfer.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Representing U.S. in Ireland against Europe
Bridge Accomplishments
25 National Titles including 4 Blue Ribbon Pairs
Regular Bridge Partners
Marty Bergen, David Berkowitz
Favorite Tournaments
6-Session NABC Pair Games
Favorite Conventions
Anything useful that is not accident-prone or memory-intensive
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Grand Life Master
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Roland Wald R.I.P.
Yes, this is shocking and sad. I loved doing broadcasts with Roland. He was the perfect play-by-play counterpart to my analyst's role. The British accent delivered with great discipline and a dash of humor ("humour" for him) were perfect for broadcasting. He was a stalwart contributor, often staying up ...
What happened to the Law, Larry?
Hi Steve. In these CV days, I have more BBO browsing time. Using my name in the post caught my attention. :) Happy you are generally "following the law" -- it was a huge help to my bridge success. But, of course, nothing is perfect. Here, it fails miserably. People love to ...
Respect Thy Partner
Rhetorical question, I guess. :)
Board 3 from the 10/29/2019 Common Game
Hi Maude, IF your partner opens 1NT (he is a point short, though), you transfer to spades and then bid 3C. This shows 5+ spades, 4+ clubs, game forcing
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
ACBL's purpose for the announcement was so that the opponents wouldn't have to grab for the convention card or wait for an announcement/alert. The opponents' system/methods depend on if it is "strong" or "weak." By announcing 15-17, you are giving a general indication of "strong" so ...
Richie Schwartz, R.I.P.
Reno Vanderbilt -- We (SCHWARTZ team) draw NICKELL in semis. They have seeding rights in quarters 2 & 3. Richie doesn't want to play against Meckwell, so to avoid them, he decides he will play 1 & 4 (quite unusual for the sponsor to do this). We are down 53 after 3 ...
Videos from the Past
Hi Debbie, The ethics videos (i will be adding a lot more) are all here:
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
I hate to open a new can of worms, but it won't be the first time we use a sports analogy (if already in this thread, I didn't see it). When we considered the above proposal(I was on the subcommittee with Brad & Steve), we brought up baseball ...
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
Viewers/listeners/readers of BBO commentary do need to have some level of forgiveness, patience and tolerance with broadcasters/commentators. It is incredibly difficult to not only adhere to these guidelines, but to also give intelligent technical commentary while also being entertaining and enlightening. It is so easy to be ...
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
Thanks, Dave. I'd like to be wrong; if people really are listening, I'd gladly put in more broadcasting time. In a poll of "one" (you), it seems that "C" as I listed gets 1 vote -- but even as an amateur statistician, I believe we'd need to see ...

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