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Larry Lang
Larry Lang
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Sept. 30, 2010
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July 3, 2017
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Bridge Teacher
about me

I am a genetic curmudgeon.


After working hard to become a Life Master, the first digit in my ACBL number was changed from a 6 to a zero (oh!).  The ACBL and I have never gotten along well since.


I'm a very good Bridge player in my Unit.  I'm too cheap to travel and find out if I'm any good playing against outsiders.  I hate online Bridge.


    The ACBLScore+ debacle really blows me away. I can't seem to find a constructive way to encourage a better outcome.  But it bugs me every day.



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Gold Life Master
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Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
David, In our case, we added a lot of new ACBL members through EasyBridge!. EasyBridge! emphasizes polite behavior, have fun, and learn at your own pace. It was very successful. Then we wanted to integrate them with the regular crowd, but unfortunately the regular crowd was not brought up the ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
I was going to nominate Gene Saxe for a Bridge Winners award. It sounded like he had some how set Dave Corn straight, which I thought was impossible to do. Alas, it is not so. Mentees come with all sorts of motivations and egos. But many want Nirvana. They want ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
Ken, We have. And with all that training, most are better than I am. Let me put it this way. I play with novices quite a bit, and try very hard to be nice. But sometimes I feel I should put a paper bag over my head. My jaw may ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
I just want to add to what Giles said. We tried a similar format as well and gave it up for similar reasons. The danger with mentor games is that the chemistry is unpredictable. We actually lost some newer players even though we matched them with people they thought they ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
We tried several mentor formats. They all failed. I'd give it up. Mentoring is okay for real serious players, but they'll play anyway. Social players really don't want a mentor. They want to have fun, not a berating. There are so many good books, why would they ...
ACBL Table Count over Time
Starting this year, table count will decline 5% per year, every year. I can't prove this, but if you look around, and at the health of all the players, I think you'll come to the same conclusion.
BBO and players convicted of cheating
I resent Gene's catty remark. John is raising a question and asking what other's think. Nothing wrong with that.
Control showing at high levels: Pass vs signoff
I fear the hand where partner and I are both interested but with bad hearts between us. One possible option: Immediate move past game = 1st control and POWERHOUSE 4 = no control, minimum hand ** = 1st round control (but not powerhouse) Pass = either extra values or 2nd round control or both ...
Alert "to be polite"?
A double victory. Tracy has given up on ignoring me, and Dave Corn will go mute. Life doesn't get any better than this.
Alert "to be polite"?
Last paragraph is a private joke between Tracy and I. I would actually never say that, but you might.
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