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Larry Lowell
Larry Lowell
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Basic Information

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June 21, 2010
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17 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired Chemical Engineer.


I have most system books in English.


2017: Looking for Strong Club partnership, District 7, TN, GA, NC, SC, VA

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in the Vanderbilt 2002 in Houston and meeting Kathi Wei. Standing in front of Benito Garozzo in Chicago (2015).
Bridge Accomplishments
NAOP-C Winner TX 1998, Winning 3 KOs @ Atlanta Regional 2005, 89 GMP; 1st in Educational Pairs - Virginia Beach 2010 Regional, 67%; ACBL Goodwill Award, Unit 165, 2014. Winning 2015 Knoxville Summer Sectional with 41 SMP. 78% game in 2017 playing 2/1 in 5 table game.
Regular Bridge Partners
Dwayne Hoffman - Keylime BLM, Robin Kell GLM, Robert Levedsque SLM, Charlotte Rueschenberg DLM
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Knoxville Area Bridge Clubs (Director of Thur AM), Oak Ridge Bridge Association (Teacher)
Favorite Tournaments
Gatlinburg, TN Regional
Favorite Conventions
Strong Club and Canape with 4-cd Majors, 2016: Mosca Club with canape.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Mosca Strong Club
Strong Club with Canape
Copy to my cards View/Print
Copy of Precision - Lowell/Donner
Precision Club - with transfers
Copy to my cards View/Print
Copy of Larry and Steve
Mosca Club, Canape
Copy to my cards View/Print
Solid Suit Design in Strong !C Systems
Yes, it is rare - The odds are 6 hands in 1000, however only about 10% of those hands would open 1, thus if you play 5000 hands a year as I do, then responder would have a solid suit opposite a 1 opener less than once a year.
Your Ideal Opening Structure
Current system: Mosca : Synergy of Fantunes, Nightmare, & Millennium . Strong (15+) with transfer negatives of 1, 1, or 1. Transfer positives at 2-level. 3-level positive transfers with semi-solid suits or better. Canape openings when 4-5 or 4-6 distribution with 10-16 hcp and a major-minor hand ...
Gatlinburg Regional: 4/16 - 22 Precision?
OR, learn your Strong Club System?
Best use of 2!d opening in a big club system
Or playing 4-cd majors use 2 like 2, 5 or 6 cards without a 4-cd major. We love these auctions: 2 - 3NT.
Board 4 from the 12/19/2017 Common Game
Yes, I led the J and declarer won the K and led the 10, I won with the K and led the Q. Declarer tried to draw trump from his hand and we obtained a ruff to defeat 4!
Bidding systems
Since we play canape and 4-cd Majors, our follow-ons after a Game Forcing 2 response to an opening bid of 1 of a Major are designed to show those features and the majors. A partial description: 1M - 2: .....(Asking & GF, maybe 3-cd support for the Major) 2 ...
Bidding systems
Yes, No and No. Currently I am playing Mosca Club based on Fantunes and Nightmare and Millennium Club. Playing 4-cd majors and canape. We only play a 2 response to 1M as Artificial and G.F. 2/1 responses of 2 and 2 are natural, but not ...
Bidding systems
What was the question? I first played Schenken in 1964 and have played numerous strong club systems ever since. His first book was published in 1963: Better Bidding in 15 Minutes - Expert Bidding in a Week.
More Active Ethics
Partner shows better than a limit raise, bid 4.
Another question on a director call
As a Club Director I would rule the defense gets only the K.

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