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Is this a weak two in 1st/2nd seat in your preferred style
I have agreed withmy partner that the weakest suit in 1st or 2nd position that you can have is Q109xxx. So, even tho moderately close, I think this qualifies only if the 1st x is the 9. Of course, in 3rd hand, I'd open it 2S and, in 4th ...
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
This is from Kaplan and Sheinwold's book on the system where they talk about the 1NT response to 1 of a major: 'It definitely does not mean I want to play 1NT. In fact, the hand cannot play in 1NT, for the opening bidder MUST BID AGAIN OVER THIS ...
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
2/1 has used the forcing NT (Roth-Stone in the 1950s, which was the actual progenitor of 2/1, played it as 100% forcing too) from the time it started as a separate system. If the 1NT response to 1H or 1S is not 100% forcing, you can't use ...
A book on leading?
I finished reading the section on opening leads. My overall view is this is a poor book regardless of your level. It doesn't pass my 1st test of any book, that it's fun to read (or at least not a burden). 2nd, it insists on memorizing rules (which ...
A book on leading?
I'm sorry - I edited my response very carefully but missed one change. The sentence in the 3rd to the last paragraph should be 'There should be a discussion of active and passive leads - but he dismisses it with no apparent explanation'.
A book on leading?
I've just started reading John Mallon's book on Opening Leads and Signals (and that's one of the problems - the opening lead part is only 54 pages long ... of course, Ron Klinger's is not very long either but it does seem to have a lot more explanation ...
A book on leading?
I didn't know this was a post on opening leads for beginners ... it clearly says so on this thread but I didn't notice it when I posted. If so, yes, I agree with you (it's been about 45 years since I looked at the John Mallon book ...
A book on leading?
I just wrote a long post on opening leads from the 8 books on the subect that I've read. The gist of the post was that, depending on your experience, I think the books should be read in the following order, most basic to most advanced. 1. Andrew Robson ...
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