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Larry Robbins
Larry Robbins
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March 23, 2015
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about me

I still love to play, altho I do worry about the future of our game; I am a neurologist, with a headache center just North of Chicago, and avid hockey player.....

I have won a # of national team titles, including the Trials in 1996(represented the US in Rhodes that year).....

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A clear case of aphasia, and yet . . .
Technically calling the wrong K might be thought of as a paraphasia(subset of aphasia: word substitution as a form of aphasia); however, since she presumably does not have a cortex disorder that would cause a paraphasia/aphasia, it is more accurately called a simple word substitution. I think. Sorry ...
600k boards from Vugraph: lies, damned lies, and statistics
It would also be interesting to look at 3NT vs. 4M at the other analysis of random hands had 3NT superior a great deal of the time......
ATB-aggressive game (matchpoints) down 1
Yes, W has a double fit, but a flat minimum, no spade/diamond spots East could pass but it is a bidder's game, it's normal to trot out 3S.....
1M-p-2M-p- invitation?
Several factors go into hand evaluation; it is usually oversimplifying to say "I have a 6 loser hand". Often it is difficult to accurately guesstimate how many losers you have. Determining factors include: vulnerability(less likely to make a game try NV), shape(a 5-5 12 count may be better ...
Advice on Smith signals
there are downsides to Smith:1. Slows you and your thinking down, 2.not always easy to decide whether to encourage or not, or if you can Smith on a particular trick 2 play, and sometimes this bleeds into the grey zone of hesitations and UI to partner.....3. sometimes ...
Just how bad can a BBO bot be?
I got to 7NT redoubled, and Mr. Robot led his 4th best..away from his Ace...Making human opponent(it was for money) didn't think it was funny.....I did.......
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
The major problem is the plethora of activities people have in their lives: 160 cable channels, and the vast internet. People exercise more. Parents are uber-involved with their kids. Young and old have "acquired ADHD". Young men have fantasy sports, and video games. Yes, we could simplify/modify the bidding ...
Assess the credit
I think North was ok (X would be light, 3H a slight overbid; much better with 5 hearts); South probably should bid 2NT, but no vulnerability was given; red, it makes more sense for South to bid again; white, a good case can be made for passing 2H.
Penalty or Responsive
You can play it either way, but I have previously assumed the "default' is penalty;
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
Geir and Tor are nice people, and very good for bridge; this is so sad.....

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