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Larry Robbins
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March 23, 2015
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about me

I still love to play, altho I do worry about the future of our game; I am a neurologist, with a headache center just North of Chicago, and avid hockey player.....

I have won a # of national team titles, including the Trials in 1996(represented the US in Rhodes that year).....

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Gold Life Master
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Weak NT's and Two Way Stayman - using "spare" bids
for casual partnerships, a simplified 2-way Stayman system is actually easier than transfers......
forcing? fit-showing?
It should be constructive, NF; a JS after an overcall is best played as just that suit, forcing; that way, you can play that a cue-bid almost always guarantees support......
Defense against 6NT
Ace and continue one...what else??..maybe declarer has Qxx Ax Kjxx AKQJ......(or 5 good diamonds and 3 solid clubs) It is very unlikely declarer has KQ8 x KJxx AKQJxx, and we need to cash a heart.....
USA2 Wins Bermuda Bowl
yes nice going!!!
USA1-Monaco Board 6
W versus red there is a reasonable case for bidding.......
Some Interesting Observations About a Hand
Open 1 club(minimize diamond openings with 3...playing short club,2+, is best anyway)...rebid 1NT; playing short club, for sure you bypass a 4 card major on most hands that are a flat weak NT, but just playing standard it is still best to bypass on many flat ...
Flipping for Winning
There should be 2 policies: 1. In events where the hands are on the internet, a strict rule prohibiting cellphones, 2. Other non-internet events: much more lax rules. 99% of events are not on the internet, and there are situations where it is legitimate to keep your phone on:1 ...
Do you accept the concession?
Even with the extensive, comprehensive bridge rules, many situation fall between the cracks, into the grey zone.....
Do you accept the concession?
No I don't think you should accept it whether the declarer is blind or not...lots of situations like this arise; a declarer in a Swiss event in Toronto tried to give me a trick for no reason on a similar deal; I think, Laws are one thing, but ...
ATB Spingold Slam
I assume they do not play Last Train; West has a 2 D bid; then, he has the heart control, has to commit to the 5 level with that hand....

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