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Larry Youell
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Jan. 18, 2011
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about me

Back to bridge after 40 years in the Wall Street wilderness. Still trying to improve with a long long way to go.

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The Burgay Tape
The Italians way back when were my heroes. They were revolutionaries. I played Goren's written version of Neapolitan Club until I had to quit bridge to work for a living. I still payed attention to world events and continued to root for the Italians against everyone, including USA. I ...
BW 2/1 SHAPE and STRENGTH System Summaries
Marshall, I enjoy and find profitable what you write. Not only do I not mind the length of your postings, I am asking for more, if not any bother: a description of the 2 way 2 club response you referred to. Thanks in any event for your contributions.
Wide Range 1N Opening Responses
Phil (or anyone), what are your followups after the response to the range ask of the balancing nt?
Your Ruling Please
Kevin,I don't know how it happened. My mind somehow was somewhere else. You are of course free to question my statement and make whatever assumptions you wish. I am quite confident that no one at the club, where I play frequently and am well known, would agree that ...
Your Ruling Please
I expected to see 2. I had no intention, even for a nanosecond, to pass 2. I would be interested how "unintended" in the Laws morphed into the concept of mechanical error with the understanding that pulling a call from the "wrong" part of the bidding box was ...
Browser (latest Internet Explorer) Having Problems with Bridge Winners?
I have a mac using firefox. Lately, including two minutes ago, I keep getting unresponsive script warnings. Also, the left and right margins (frames?) are blank and I'm sure something(s) is attempting unsuccessfully to load.
Gender Standard for ACBL Events
Thank you to whomever has brought this issue forward. And thank you to BW which has become the forum for intelligent and creative debate on all matters important to bridge. Really remarkable achievement IMO.
4 Way Transfers with Range Ask
How do you handle minor two-suited hands?
Nira de Waele's bidding problem: AQ3 AKJ AKQ96 AQ
I bid 4 clubs, key card, to be followed by king ask, ala Marty Bergen. If I find one king I bid 7.
The Anti-Membership ACBL
It's my opinion. I posted this for discussion which doesn't mean I'm impartial.

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