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Lars Allard
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March 22, 2012
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Help finding info on a German Tournament.
I am just trying to understand why this should be Re-(to play - suggesting a contract). 2 (strong, involving a lot of hand types) - 2 (assuming waiting or no system bid) 3 (Probably natural game forcing?) - 3 (natural but could not bid in first round because ...
Question to those of you playing Ekren
I suggest to use 2NT response as a non-forcing 16-18 with max 3-2 in majors. 3♣ is used for the strong responder hands with fit in one or both major.
Best Solo Software for iOS?
Lars Allard's bidding problem: AJTxx Kx AKxxx A
If 3 is not always 5-card, have you done justice to the hand? After all, Kaplan and Rubens hand evaluator say this hand is worth 23HP. Of course, the value of a hand will change if it is a fit or not. What is the worst that can happend ...
Lars Allard's bidding problem: Q87 AQ7 98432 J2
Tx for voting and good comments. Highly appreciated!
Ethics, what is allowed?
About ethics, this small comment has nothing to do with the initial question from Mr. Verhees, but worth mention anyway i think. A couple of years ago in the norwegian premier league i played a 3NT against two of the very best norwegian players. I have to admit that i ...
On the Actions of Administrators
A lot of things could be said about Sorin Lupan, however, i find it very difficult to find something positive to say about him.
Helgemo - Helness
Tx Ned! That was not my intention at all. I guess what i tried to say was that Helgeness in most cases reach the same top contracts as the pairs that have a very scientific approach to their bidding. I have of course full respect of Meckwell, Fantunes etc. etc ...
Helgemo - Helness
No matter what we think about who is the best pair, today all the four pairs mentioned in this thread will play the final in Springold. Meckwell, Levin - Weinstein, Fantunes and Helgeness. I realy look forward to spend some hours in front of my laptop to follow this battle :)

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