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Lars Moquist
Lars Moquist
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Dec. 28, 2013
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Nov. 24, 2014
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about me

I´m a Swedish bridgeplayer. Have been to US mostly for Regionals twice a Year since 2000. Just a few Nationals but visited Wash DC in 2002 with a swede and got 92 pts. At the moment my US ranking is more than 6 400 pts but 5 500 because of my swedish results.


Have now and then been invited by GS Jade Barrett and played in his Teams with among others Jacob Morgan and Miguel Reygadas. Have also been invited to play A/X Swiss in Allan Graves Team.


At the moment I often play in OK-Bridge with Normand Houle and we play my LIMO Club. 1 C 17+, 1D 11-16 any shape but not exactly 4 card M, 1M 11-16 exactly 4 card M, 1NT 14-16 without 4 card M but may hold 5 card M. All bids in 2 or 3-level = 11-16. No weak bids at all. 1430, UDCA.  

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Bronze Life Master
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Flighted pairs and the Pass or Correct (pocpoc) principle of choice.
Realy nice to read about Dragons, Dwarfs, Elfs and other mystery Guys in Normand´s Arena. Probably more players want to play the LIMO CLUB with 1C 17+, 1D without exactly 4 card M, 1M with exactly 4 card M and 1 NT 14-16 without exactly 4 card M. Nice ...
All-Rock, All-Baran, Pyrrhus and how the LIME stone evolved into LIMO club
Beautiful Normand! Looking forward to see how the Dwarfs and Dragons reach new higher levels and results with LIMO CLUB. A similar system to LIMO has played by Alan Sontag many Years ago and when I happened to meet him and Paul Soloway in a KO Final in Orlando 2005 ...
Baramca should perhaps practise more and make his 7NT. After spades KQ, A of C and five diamonds west must give up. But an exciting board and always strange bidding with the Dwarfs in action.
Fun with clever Trolls. Now I go and see if I may find some chilled champaign. Then look for some other Troll boards.
We have elves, trolls and dragons also in Sweden - but just nice ones. Lars
This is a good ex of Normand´s cuebid. We played together Dec 26th in OK-Bridge board 11. We play LIMO (a strong club system) and Normand opened 1D = 11-16 showing anything but not exactly 4 card major. I responded 1H = 5+ spade and 8-11 pts. Normand bid 4D = singleton ...
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