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Lauren Travis
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June 27, 2013
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Australian u20 team 2010-2012

Australian u25 team 2013

Australian girls team 2014


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Board 20 - 30 April practice - BB 2007 Australia v Italy
Our auction went: 1 (1) 2 (P) 3 (P) 3 (P) 3NT The 1 overcall left enough room that I could opt not to bid NT at my second turn but still get to 3NT. On a heart lead, you can still only make ...
Board 25 - 30 April Practice - Bermuda Bowl 2007 Australia v Italy
Beauch passed! Anita opened 1 as S, I doubled, 1 by Beauch, 1NT by Anita, another X, 4 by Beauch and Sophie jumped in with 4 and got doubled. Went -1 which gave us a much better score than if I'd got to double 4 ...
Board 30, 30 April
We had a conversation about a different but similar situation a couple of weeks ago. On Board 1 (or 17?) on 17 April, Sophie opened 1, I responded 1 and she bid 3. On that one, I had Qx and she had xxx, and we questioned whether ...
Board 30, 30 April
I got the bloody board number wrong! I added 17 instead of 16. Hopeless. But this post is about board 29, not board 30. Sorry!
Bermuda Bowl Board 17 - Italy vs Aus
I responded on the West hand. Sophie rebid 2NT which I passed and on a diamond lead (ducked) the play was pretty boring to make 9 tricks.
Board 18 16 April BB2007 Norway vs Poland
I meant would they open 1 and rebid 2 rather than opening 1NT
Hand 14 from April 16
Oops! I did that with both my posts. Sorry.
Hand 14 from April 16
This was hand 4 (20), not hand 14 (30). I already made a post about this one (covering for Mum and Candice's assigned board).
Board 18 16 April BB2007 Norway vs Poland
South opened 1NT at our table as well. I'm interested to hear from those who commented on my post last week - many said they would have reversed on Sophie's 2245 18-count rather than rebidding 2NT; would they also bid out their shape here? Our 1NT opening got passed ...
Board 26,April26, Norway vs Poland
I passed my partner's 1NT opening. I thought the spades were too bad and the hand looked like it'd go alright in 1NT. On this board, it did - Sophie made (I didn't watch the play).

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