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Lauritz Streck
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April 12, 2015
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U25-Player from Germany, currently studying mathematics at the Bonn University.


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Low level artificial bid is doubled
Hello Kit, I saw a discussion of the treatment in one of the old articles of your excellent column (unfortunately I can't remember which) where it appeared like you pulled only if you couldn't stand playing the contract redoubled. What made you change the treatment? Is it so ...
Good slam? Whats your line?
Independently of how you play the diamonds you should cash the spades before you Run the diamonds, I think. If West has say xxx Kxxx xx Qxxx he remains completely untoasted otherwise by just discarding his spades. There is no way to draw trumps afterwards, he'll just win and ...
Good slam? Whats your line?
I would certainly play a club to the king. If clubs are 3-2 you're cold now as long as diamonds aren't 5-1 by establishing the fifth diamond. Even if East has been cute from QJx (so the queen doesn't come down) you can just pitch your losing ...
The Right Order
Great Article as always, this series really helps to improve a lot. Thank you! Two minor points though: In the second diagram on page 11 the A is already played. And West discarding on the third diamond isn't an issue in this particular hand as you can ruff low ...
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: 76543 T62 9762 K
The hand is just too weak to expect anything to make. And bidding could be VERY costly.
Play this slam.
Ah, never mind, I assumed South to be declarer and didn't Check further. That makes Spades 6-3 even more unlikely.
Play this slam.
Unfortunately that might fail if someone can discard hearts on the diamonds. If West has say AKQJxxx xxx - xxx he can discard his hearts and wait for his heart ruff. It does guard against six spades by West with exactly two clubs (as East then has too many red cards ...
Lauritz Streck's bidding problem: 96 T64 9542 A862
Oh, the memories. That must have been the hand in Burghausen 2014, right? The 3 preempt against my garbage of a 1 opening. What can I say, I was young and stupid, having 6-9, 7card diamond suit hammered in my brain. If I remember correctly the TD was ...
Lauritz Streck's bidding problem: 96 T64 9542 A862
Sorry for the autocorrect mistakes, looks pretty terrible on a second look
Lauritz Streck's bidding problem: 7 Q75 AKJ7 QJT86
At the table the bidding went 1C 1S 2S 4S by the opponents, this hand never bidding. When Partner lead a heart from AT9 Tx Qxx xxxxx and declarer had KJxxx Kxxxx xxx - this allowed the contact to make because it allowed declarer to pitch two Diamonds on AK.

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