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Lauritz Streck
Lauritz Streck
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April 12, 2015
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about me

U20-Player from Germany, currently studying mathematics at the Bonn University.


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Lauritz Streck's bidding problem: 96 T64 9542 A862
Would you have bid 5 last round then? Sorry for the delayed editing.
Last board wbg mixed germany-bulgaria
Kit Woolsey even advocated redoubling with a normal overcall in the Same situation (playing I think the blue ribbon Pairs) on the Basis that the (even top notch) opponents might not know there agreements in one of his articles, so having a misunderstanding here certainly isn't uncommon.
Wide Range
Thank you for writing this series! It really gives new and fascinating insights on the way to think at the table with every article. One question to the content though: What would South do with a huge hand and no clear direction over 4? After all East might just ...
Lauritz Streck's bidding problem: QJT 8643 75 9753
My mistake, I hope that won't change the votes too badly
6!H in 5-2 Fit?
I guess I'm definitely not spoiling the hand for anyone still thinking about the problem now, so here are the results from the table: The West Hand was: K 10xxx xxxxx Dxx East had xxxxx xx Bxx xxx I followed the endplay-line Marc suggested above by cashing the hearts ...
6!H in 5-2 Fit?
With this Line you have the extra Chance that someone may discard his "idle fifth" in Diamonds. It seems almost impossible that an opponent will pitch two spades from say Kxx xx Bxxxx Qxx after seeing his Partners second card in Diamonds and thus probably knowing that you have only ...

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