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Lauritz Streck
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April 12, 2015
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about me

U26-Player from Germany. In autumn I will start my PhD in England.


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European Pairs Champion (U26), Opatija 2018
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Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
However terrible you think cheating is, this is how a confession should look like. Full disclosure of what happened, sincere apologies and no dubious excuses and "error of judgements". I don't know Michal except for having played against him once in an OCBL tournament (the same one in which ...
Happy Father's Day
If you want to add in European pairs, both Denmark's Dennis and Morten Bilde and France's Thomas and Michel Bessis come to mind. They are both top notch partnerships and have won Vanderbilts (Bessis' in 2010, Bildes in 2013).
Bridge Hackathon Crowdfunding - your help needed!
Great project! Supported it as well. About 8 years ago, when I was still a young and hopeful player, I played one club tournament with Kiat while he was visiting Berlin. Was a fun tournament and it had a lasting impact on my Bridge career: Kiat recommended this great Bridge ...
A great online bridge experience
I would have bid 6 on my first turn. Hard to imagine diamonds playing better and you can expect partner to raise to 7 with the ace.
One deal - two opportunities
My calculation is for the second round after it goes Q K A 8. On the first round, running the queen wins by a mile. At the point I wrote my comment, I had successfully forgotten how the play in the article went and had assumed that Richard's comment ...
One deal - two opportunities
When West follows with the 8, he has three vacant spaces left, while East has 4 (giving him 2 spades, 4 hearts and Kxx in clubs). Richard's intuition is spot on, finessing East for the ten is a 4:3 favorite (Even discounting that West might be more inclined ...
Fire and Ice: Properly Evaluating Information at the Bridge Table
Didn't see your last comment when I sent mine. To address it: The difference is in your case 2. "West tells us, "My longest suit is hearts."" In the example East tells you: "My longest suit is clubs and I don't have another 5 card suit" In Micaheal ...
Fire and Ice: Properly Evaluating Information at the Bridge Table
I had noticed a minor mistake in the calculations on my last page, which I had clarified in this comment until someone could edit the article. Fixed now.
Fire and Ice: Properly Evaluating Information at the Bridge Table
Of course I could have defined conditional probabilities and calculated with them instead, but I seriously doubt that would have helped most readers. I do think that for most people, the less technical presentation I chose is more accessible.
Fire and Ice: Properly Evaluating Information at the Bridge Table
I actually thought of calling it Zombie deals instead of Schrödinger deals. So that might not be the biggest compliment^^ But on a different note (this is in part to Jürgen below), I didn't cite Bayes' rule in the article because I didn't use it. I understand that ...

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