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Lauritz Streck
Lauritz Streck
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April 12, 2015
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U26-Player from Germany, currently studying mathematics at the Bonn University. 


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European Pairs Champion (U26), Opatija 2018
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Defending a slam accurately
But can't South can just let go of his spades? Declarer needs them for transportation for his Simple Squeeze. The king of spades will be the squeeze card. Actually Declarer can always make on the Double Squeeze if he believes North to have KQ. But the order of play ...
Defending a slam accurately
Even if North guards spades, one has to decide what to play for when pitching on the last club from Dummy. Thus, following the odds, one will always go down.
What is your preference for this sequence?
Natural and gameforcing, either looking for the best game or slam. You need this bid to be forcing to judge between 4, 3NT, 5 or a slam, but "natural. Slam interest" is to narrowly defined. I would expect a close to unanimous vote if you added such an ...
Ruling question from Krakow
Apparently, the rest together with a few sentences of me were lost when posting the comment, so here is the rest: Greetings, Maciej PS. Piotr asked by TD told that he was counting if it is possible that we don’t have two aces and the queen and I bid ...
Ruling question from Krakow
I'm sorry if that comes across wrongly but I certainly don't want to accuse EW of cheating! I explained bids as "probably..." myself and was completely wrong just because I didn't know better and wanted to give some kind of help to the opponents. And West might ...
Ruling question from Krakow
I chatted with Maciej some more now and neither of us knows decidedly in which circumstances one has to clarify bids meant differently to the opponents. Would one have to alert 3 afterward or to highlight the opponents to not being sure what it meant even if they don ...
Ruling question from Krakow
I do not think that psyching a void cuebid is so impossible in this situation, it will only make matters more difficult to the opponents. If you notice after 5 that you answered Blackwood incorrectly and decide to bid on, psyching a void along the way can't cost ...
Ruling question from Krakow
Maciej, who was West in this board, forwarded me the following statement. " Hi, I’m Maciej Grabiec and I’m the man who caused this whole problem. First of all, I would like to apologize Lauritz and Florian for what had happened and try to explain to all of you ...
Ruling question from Krakow
The auction seemed to me to be in tempo (except for the Bit) and didn't feel like an auction off the rails, but of course that doesn't mean anything. At least at the table, before the lead and when the director was summoned, EW didn't say anything ...
Ruling question from Krakow
I'm sorry, I meant "West possibly denying the queen of spades", I updated the comment and hope this didn't cause any confusion! To my best knowledge: 3 set spades as trumps and 4!NT was thus on spade basis. The pollees were given all the information North ...

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