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Lawrence Diamond
Lawrence Diamond
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Feb. 2, 2012
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I am the author of "Mastering Hand Evaluation: Understanding the Principles of Partnership Bidding" (Master Point Press) on sale at,, and the Bridge Winners e-book shop.

United States of America

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Barry Crane Top 500 List in 2014 and 2015
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Gold Life Master
Kevin Cline - Lawrence Diamond
2/1 GF 3/5 vs suits, UDCA
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Jason Larrivee
2/1; Strong NT; 1!c=2+; UDCA
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Copy of Dan Neill
2/1; Strong NT; 1!c=2+; UDCA
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2/1 GF; Strong NT; 3rd/low vs suits; UDA, standard count
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Data regarding notrump evaluation
I devoted a significant part of a chapter on this exact issue with statistics from many thousands of hands in "Mastering Hand Evaluation" using modified Kleinman points to determine when to invite. Inviting with 8+ Kleinman points, assuming that partner will accept with any 16 HCP, is OK at IMPs ...
Shoot the slam?
In my opinion, the problems you are experiencing are not due to system, they result from the fact that the partnership doesn't understand the hand evaluation implications of the "conversation." A 15-17 NT shows, on average, about 6.75 losers using the new losing trick count [NLTC] (see the ...
Losing Trick Count
Even if that was not the best example because other bids might be available after 3, the point I am trying to make is that "generically" opener's sequence has to be in the slam try range (and therefore a hand that is worth more than 10 tricks opposite ...
Losing Trick Count
Does a player evaluate his hand in a vacuum ("I paid my entry fee and therefore I am entitled to make my best guess") or should it be done with repect to the partnership. Unfortunately, I have rarely found partners who are willing to embrace the partnership aspects of the ...
Losing Trick Count
As others have mentioned: (1) losing trick count is only useful when a fit has been discovered, and (2) the "basic" LTC which counts an ace and queen equally, is not accurate. New losing trick count (NLTC) with additonal modifications for distribution, honor combinations, and duplication of values is highly ...
How to bid slam on this hand?
New Losing Trick Count works beautifully with 6-card suits opposite NT openers. Table 5.6 in "Mastering Hand Evaluation" show that a 20-21 HCP 2NT opener has 5.09 losers on average. Therefore, an 8-loser responding hand puts you "in the slam zone" [25-(8=5)=12] opposite an average ...
Inviting over 1NT
OK, you are talking about AT9 T98 T98 KJT9. The hand that was given by the original poster is 6.45 and 7-. An A-KJ combination is worth an invite in any hand that is not 4333. In Aleksis' example hand, the 10s with higher honors are very useful.

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