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The more moral game
I lost a spelling bee on this word decades ago. No "c" in supersede.
Help Me Understand "Source of Tricks" Responses to Jacoby 2NT
I am torn between (a) 2 of top 3 or (b) KQJxx or better. If partner has Hx, he won't know whether the suit can be counted on to run if you only promise (a). Obviously, (b) is substantially more likely to produce three pitches. I initially chose (b ...
Law 16, alerts, and ethical considerations
Steve, my current personal favorite is 1NT-2D*, which my partner and I alert and explain as "artificial game force," (perhaps adding, "treated as Stayman" or "asks for further description") and then get the question: "says nothing about diamonds?" "Well," I feel like saying, "which part of 'artificial' didn't you ...
Teaching or Disclosure? The General Grammar of Cue-Bidding
That should be sufficient, perhaps adding, "generally with invitational or better values." Obviously, there are numerous contexts in which cuebidding can occur. Nick discussed some of them above. And sometimes, partner just wants to set up a game force, e.g., doubling and then cuebidding. (There are also cuebidding auctions ...
BIT - Logical Alternatives Poll
I continually struggle with BIT questions, and frequently find myself in disagreement with directors' rulings on the subject. (I believe Ron Gerard may have had one or more articles in The Bridge World many moons ago entitled, "If it hesitates, shoot it.") A national director once told me, in effect ...
RKC Q ask question
I'm missing something. 77% of the responders said yes, period, and only 15% said yes, but only because you hold the queen. Did the 77% not read past the second option? 5H is the queen ask. You only show the king of clubs if you also have the queen ...
Bridge clubs and regulations.
To Peg's point, the matter is more than extremely serious. It is a violation of the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. Note the following from Chapter 3 of the CDR, which lists various grounds for discipline (most of which apply at tournaments, but not regular club games): "3.4 ...
12 IMPs penalty against the opps - what would you do ?
After reading all the comments so far, my view is that there would be virtually no discussion, indeed no OP, if the penalty were 3 imps, or even 6 imps. This thread is fascinating for the range of opinions given, informed in many situations by particular experiences, which give insight ...
Correct Ruling?
FWIW, I asked two national directors at a regional today, and while they thought it was an interesting question, their view was that the convention card controlled, and would have let the table result stand.
Assign the blame
I don't think the double of 5D is at all inexplicable. I definitely do not want a heart lead with this holding. The double suggests to me that partner lead anything but a heart, and that leading dummy's first bid suit should be given serious consideration. The double ...
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