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March 1, 2014
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Is There Any Special Name for This?
For this line to succeed, you needed hearts 3-3. But since you have the J, you should also make it if West has less than 3 hearts. AK, K, KQJ, . This line has the added advantage that West might now mistakenly play a diamond, sparing you the club guess.
Information Squeeze
When East discards a diamond at trick 3, should we not try to cater for Ax in the West hand? For example: A third round of hearts to the 9, to the Queen, A, spade ruff, to the King and Ace. If West is out of diamonds, he ...
Now I Can Die in Peace*
Would it not have been 100% clear for East to ruff the 5th diamond and exit with a club if he doesn't have the J? He knows the heart position, so the only reason why he doesn't ruff must be that he would have been endplayed.
If hearts are 3-3, any line succeeds. If hearts are 4-2, it is just a question of guessing who has the K. If West, lead small towards dummy. If East, run the Queen. Complete symmetry, from what I can see. If we misguess, we will still be all right with ...
Need to Cash
"This time 4♠ doubled would have made, but South wasn't sitting for the double." Not quite true, since West is short in trumps when North plays hearts at every opportunity.
Lose the Trials Semifinal with Me, III
I'm afraid that 4H can't be defeated double-dummy on the last hand, even on the lead of the A and switch to a . You win in dummy and carefully ruff a before playing another to dummy. Now, you will know to take a discard on ...
Billy Rosen Hand
My guess is that South had a diamond more and a heart less. Otherwise, why didn't he bid 2 at his second turn?
Obscure suit combination
Craig's line is clearly the "correct" one, since you will make the contract when West has 4 spades and 2 diamonds. It does not matter whether West overruffs the third round of diamonds or not – if he does not overruff, you are planning to discard on the fourth diamond ...
Reisinger, Day 3, Final Session, Bidding/Play Competition
Maybe we should have had Easts hand on board 17? West cannot possibly bid 4 in front of partner having bid 3 in the previous round.
Leading the Singleton
Well, if West is 3=0=7=3, South could be K8 AK10876 4 AQJ9. Now that is a really strong 1 opening, but continuing diamonds after winning the Ace (whether South has cashed the A or not) gives declarer the extra entry he needs to play trumps for ...
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