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March 1, 2014
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July 30
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Percentage Shift
Third example hand on page 5 is: Kxxx Qx AKQx Qxx. However, if this is South's hand, it makes no difference whether you cash the A or not, since declarer has a spade loser to go with 2 heart losers and the K. Only if South has the J ...
Does Anybody Play This Any More
To all you guys who think this is awful, how would you handle a situation like this: (They are vul) 2 D 4 D p 5 5 6 ? It is clear to everyone that if 6 makes, you will have a very cheap sacrifice ...
Bundesliga jewel: Bridge over broken hearts
Declarer should have led a diamond up after winning the Q. If you duck, he will unblock the clubs, come to hand with the Q and has 10 tricks (2+2+1+5). If you go up with the A and return a heart, he has 2+5+2+1 ...
Trick 12 Decision
With A76, it seems that East had a blind spot at the end. From his point of view, West could easily have had 109, when ducking the Q is the only way to give declarer the contract. When the 7 pops up at trick 12, South "knows" that East's ...
Ignominious Senior Push
Error also in the last diagram, where East has been given the Jack of diamonds instead of the Queen. Declarer at the last table missed the extra (but slightly risky, since hearts could be 4-1) chance of ducking the 10 of hearts. But he missed a much better chance in ...
The Right Order
It seems to me that the fear of West being able to discard a spade on the third round of diamonds is a red herring. If West discards, there is no need to ruff the diamond high in dummy - instead, you can ruff the third spade high in your hand.
A Diversion
On page 9 "If N-S were playing weak 2-bids instead of multi and West opened a weak 2" should be South.
Play as though double-dummy
So West should have dropped the Q when you ruffed the second club. No doubt you would have played him for AQ9 and ruffed a diamond next.
Undiscussed Double
Have we managed to discuss what a 3 response to 2NT would have meant from me? If we have, would it not be safe to assume that the Double means that South has taken my bid - whatever it would have meant (side suit? singleton? diamond values? extras?) while pass ...
Many Options
"East should probably play the jack of hearts at trick 1. ......If his jack holds, he will know his partner started with K85. He can then cash the ace and put partner in with the 6, and the 6 will be a clear suit-preference signal for clubs." But would it ...
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