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Leigh Matheson
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Jan. 22, 2017
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April 29, 2018
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Leigh Matheson's bidding problem: T AJT974 J765 A5
Yeah, I'm not convinced 2D is completely clear, but I'm certainly coming around to it. It has so much to gain if the auction turns competitive, which it surely is about to do.
Leigh Matheson's bidding problem: T AJT974 J765 A5
You won't find (m)any experts who open a (1st/2nd seat) Weak Two with 2 aces. This shapely hand with a super heart suit is certainly much too strong. Remove the DJ and I'd still open 1H.
What's your ruling ?
You can ask, but you're not going to find them online. I've simply detailed how the top directors in Australia explained it. In one case East was genuinely unaware of what an opponent's bid meant despite North properly alerting it (and vuGraph operator confirming the alert happened ...
What's your ruling ?
Because the rules state that communication of alerts is to be in writing and the explainer (North in this case) is responsible for this communication. If paper is not available the players should request it. If the TD knows the players and believe's North's story more than East ...
What's your ruling ?
The laws put the responsibility on North to explain the bid and to do so in written form. If East is complaining that he wasn't properly informed, and North can provide no written evidence to the contrary, I'm inclined to believe East.
What's your ruling ?
In a screen match the onus is on the alerter (not the alertee) to make sure alerts are acknowledged and explained correctly. North would find it very hard to convince me (without written evidence) that he made East aware of what 1NT meant. As such, N/S are not entitled ...
Double Dummy problem 6N
Looks like a Clash Squeeze that also requires a Stepping Stone option. Very nice 4-card end position.
Jon Green's bidding problem: AK98 KJ2 Q5 8432
I'm quite surprised 1NT is not the majority choice. Partner can checkback to find a Major suit fit and the DQx is ideal, right-siding the contract if partner has something like Axx. Bidding 1S ought to be reserved for unbalanced hands (i.e. promising 5 clubs).
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: Jx Kx AKQJxxx xx
If I thought we could make 7C I'd need to redouble on the previous round. I hope all the 7C bidders thoroughly disapprove of this pass.
After a Passed-Hand 2/1
The upper limit of 2D doesn't affect whether 2S is forcing or not. If 2S has an upper limit (which is roughly 14 or 15 without special agreement) then the bid is non-forcing.

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