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District 15 - Communications and Marketing Coordinator

1st Alternate to the ACBL Board of Governors

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BoG Meeting - Live Streamed?
Thanks Steve. I've bookmarked that page. I don't see a route there using the site menu. Now I know where to find the secret door.
BoG Meeting - Live Streamed?
How do we get copies of the BoG handouts? Access to the BoD materials that were promised at the BoG meeting?
BoG Meeting - Live Streamed?
Sending an email to all of the BoG members would boost online attendance. It is tough to find out what is happening. It seems unfair to use lack of attendance to imply lack of interest. I'd say that lack of communications yields lack of attendance.
NABC Online Individual
Last year, the Pajama Game had 2,428 players in the final roster. This year, it was 2,050 on day one, then 1,958 on day two. It looks like participation will be down about 20%; over 2017 numbers. This seems typical to me. The glamour of a Pilot ...
New Tournament Policy
I wonder why the temporary membership fees are listed in US and Canadian dollars, but not Mexican Pesos.
New Tournament Policy
Paul Cronin, Last year, your August I/N game had this in the flyer: "$3.00 extra for non or unpaid ACBL Members" Effective March 1, 2018, your tournament flyer should be changed to read: '$3 extra for unpaid ACBL members, per session. Non-ACBL members pay an extra $8, for ...
BW 2/1: Serious 3NT
Steven, I agree that this discussion about serious/non-serious 3nt is for the expert player. It is certainly not for the intermediate or advanced player. This entire exercise has gone way beyond the original definition of a BW 2/1 standard system. KISS is the goal.
Board of Governors Input on Tournament Reorganization
I did a quick check and at, we can find results from Regionals at sea. Just select Regional and Cruise. Here is a recent example: I recognize quite a few names on the list of MP winners.
Temporary Memberships. Motion to change 173-45
The intent of the Temporary Membership was to replace the $3 and $4 tournament entry surcharge for unpaid/non members at Regionals and Sectionals. But the focus was on gathering contact information of a small number of tournament players. While it can be used by anyone as a trial ACBL ...
Katz, Levin, Rodwell Elected to HOF
I remember when Bobby Levin won the HS King of Bridge. What is he now? Late 20's? Not nearly old enough.

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