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District 15 - Communications and Marketing Coordinator

1st Alternate to the ACBL Board

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Small Ideas regarding ACBL NAP qualification
Don, I really like your explanations. You bring so much background information to topics and that really helps to anchor the threads. Thank you.
Small Ideas regarding ACBL NAP qualification
Thank you Debbie Rosenberg for starting this thread. The Conditions of Contest for Grass-roots events (GNT and NAP) should be well understood by all North American ACBL players. This thread seems to show that there is much to do to educate our players. I am really surprised. Some Districts require ...
Big Ideas
This post is about 'Big Ideas' that will transform our organization. Many of the replies are about master point awards in team games. Surely we can do better!
What is he thinking about?
Opponent just realized that Declarer had no honors in his trump suit. Now opponents need to re-think the high-card distribution of the hand. Perhaps the first question is to determine whether to allow partner to retain the lead, or over take. Yes, there is a lot that needs to be ...
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
Many people have noted the decline in Swiss Teams and KO participation. We did an experiment at our recent tournament. The results can be found here: Participation is an outcome and we can't directly affect that outcome. We can ...
ACBL Elections
Don Mamula, So true, but it takes a person with the right talents to overcome the obstruction.
ACBL Elections
Right on John D'Errico! I think it is in the cards that the ACBL will allow Bridge PAC's. Incumbent BoD's who are defeated will write books about their experience; "I was Slammed Out". If there were election irregularities, then the results could be revoked.
ACBL Elections
There were 33 elections, but only three of them were contested. Turn-over is healthy. How do we get interested players to move into governance roles?
Controlling noise at your club
Do we need to pull out the Stop Card before shooting? Does that change in January?
Controlling noise at your club
At one club, the Director turns out the lights to get the player's attention, before the start of play (daytime game). This was very effective and much better than a bell or yelling. I think it might work to quiet the room also. If you try it, let us ...

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