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District 15 - Communications and Marketing Coordinator

1st Alternate to the ACBL Board of Directors

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Does anyone know what time it is?
When trying to solve problems, I really perk up when the solutions are either: throw money at the situation, or establish rules or restrictions. Instead, let's go back and see if we really understand the problem. Sometimes it is easy to be distracted and try to micro-manage an adverse ...
Does anyone know what time it is?
Ken, As I recall, the ACBL requires the gap of 500 MPs between the bottom and second flights. Other posters may well correct or clarify what I have stated.
Does anyone know what time it is?
Re: Tournament Success I believe, That all positive outcomes are due to the incredible volunteers who work tirelessly to deliver the best possible tournament experiences. That all shortcomings and failures (including attendance shortfalls) must be entirely owned by the Tournament Chair. When I review tournaments, low attendance is almost always ...
Does anyone know what time it is?
I've published a Best Practices for Small Regionals document for my District. Feel free to use anything that you like. I've also developed metrics to assess our tournaments. If we achieve what we measure then it makes sense to measure something.
World Bridge Day
Tom Moore, The Alzheimer's Association did nothing for your Club. Your members did it all. Bahar Gudwani stated that he re-negotiated the agreement with AA and there were some (unstated) benefits to the ACBL. I'll wait until I learn what those benefits might be. We should engage with ...
Image, the business of bridge, the ACBL, and pride.
Jeff wrote: "We can spend all the advertising bucks we want and we'll go no where. There is hardy any infrastructure in place once you get someone interested." Bravo! We (the ACBL) are a membership organization without any member recruitment entity and without any structure to support folks who ...
But is bridge Fun?
Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. My original question dealt with the use of the word Fun to describe bridge. If we are promoting a bridge activity (tournament, lessons, Club, etc) can we come up with words that are more effective, that have more texture, that motivate and inspire ...
Board Journal for Atlanta
There are two interesting Cost-Savings Items on the agenda. Newly elected BoD members are currently invited to attend the Fall NABC and their expenses paid; in the same manner as sitting BoD members. Item 182-48FI waives that provision of the ACBL Codification. Item 182-64GO - Shortens the period during which the ...
Club Play #2...Poll.
A 40% response rate for the first 12 hours seems pretty high to me. I'd give it another 3 days before complaining.
For Club Managers
Jeff, I think my comments are clear. Further, I'm not suggesting, implying or in any way discouraging Clubs from running STaC events.

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