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Leo Bell
Leo Bell
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Aug. 10, 2010
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Dec. 20, 2019
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Bridge Player

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World Championships 2004 Istanbul
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World Senior Teams - Gold Medal
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Billy Miller, Huub Bertens, Dan Jacob, john Jones
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A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
How to run a multi-team event where the number of teams is known. 1. 15 minutes before game time assemble all team captains to review the conditions of contest. (teams must be preregistered to play, so fees can be collected at any point.) 2. Hand out a printed C of ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
This situation has become all too familiar within the ACBL. Conditions of contest seem to disappear or are ignored. Logic would dictate that the 1st day would be a cut to 2 teams who would then play a KO match the next day. Given that there were 3 teams qualifying ...
My Turn to Speak
Well, it did become a matter of principle
My Turn to Speak
This is a shocking example of ACBL BOD incompetence. If this isn't covered by ACBL insurance, it's another hit to the resources for our game. Next - $100/session card fees?
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Why are hotels averse to drawers? If configured properly, they take up no extra room!
Countering interference over a 2C Opening Bid (Strong Bal 23+ or GF)
I used to play that double was a bust hand. I now think it is superior to play that pass is either 0-4 or a penalty pass and double is 5+ without a biddable suit. It then becomes clear which type of hand responder holds when the auction jumps to ...
If we identify those cities that are desirable and profitable NABC locations, we should have a Memphis-run meeting planning, organizing and running the peripheral activities. This would eliminate the need for the local district to carry the burden of volunteers every 2-3 years. Additionally, the ACBL needs to innovate its ...
Maybe covered above, but the WBF needs to have the cojones to bar these cheaters by putting pressure on the Italian Bridge Federation.
Leo Bell's bidding problem: QT6532 --- 942 9872
At the time, I thought 4 was right on playing strength. However, on second thought, if partner has a relatively normal takeout double, you likely have too many losers. The other possibility is that you can't stop partner from bidding 6N with AK KJx AKQxx ...
Active Un-ethics ??

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