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Leo Lasota
Leo Lasota
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May 26, 2011
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United States of America

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When asked by the director of 2003 NABC+ Fast Pairs if I am sure that I deserve a seed and I said probably since we won the event last year.
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2002 NABC+ Fast Pairs
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World Championships
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Leo LaSota
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Platinum Life Master
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ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
I wanted to be given a chance in a par contest when I first started the game to see where I stood against the best when it came to declarer play. Having played the game for many years now, it does not take a par contest to have an opinion ...
David Carlisle's bidding problem: 765 T865 A4 7654
2 free bid red all on 4 small clubs and 4 HCP is an incorrect posting also :)
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
I am hoping that someone from BBO or ACBL can answer one question for me: The conditions of contest state, "Unless specifically noted, the General Conditions of Contest, the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and ACBL’s Zero Tolerance Policy shall govern this event." Does this mean that players will be ...
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
I believe that many "B" and "C" players will participate, even though they realize their chances of winning the event are about zero. They may want to see where they stack up against some of the great flight "A" players that participate. Aren't you going to enter the event ...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: 97 AJT943 J5 AJ7
Why did we misbid the hand and open 1 in 4th seat with a 2 opener?
Funny situation with GIB at BBO
Put pressure on your opponents when you declare a hand, and read when they make mistakes. This is a big key to success at any form of the game (including robots). I nearly always get it right when I have to determine if a robot has pitched down to equal ...
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
~53.5% would be the expectation for GIB
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
This "unreal" event will be tougher to win than many of the "real" NABCs.
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
Agree completely with Justin and Roger. The skill involved in these "best hand" tournaments is magnified and it is much easier for a top player to average a high score by bidding relatively down the middle. I wish that the tournament length was increased. As Roger states, you would likely ...
Funny situation with GIB at BBO
Actually I have observed improvement in this area. It used to be the case that they always seemed to keep the length with the premise that you would know. I have seen instances recently where they no longer kept length so that you have a "free finesse".

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