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Leo Lasota
Leo Lasota
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May 26, 2011
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Love working out/eating right/teaching and helping others with their diet & exercise.  Personal trainer, group fitness instructor (including specialty classes Zumba & Pound).

United States of America

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When asked by the director of 2003 NABC+ Fast Pairs if I am sure that I deserve a seed and I said probably since we won the event last year.
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2002 NABC+ Fast Pairs
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Brad Theurer, Mark Shaw
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World Championships
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Leo LaSota
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Leonard Hall's bidding problem: 82 853 KQ875 AJ6
Had to double check that this is not April 1 and this was posted as an April Fool's joke.
Bridge Clubs are opening on Monday in Turkey.
It depends what your definition of a "huge mistake" is. The majority of the clubs may be fortunate and not have any players directly killed from COV-19. Even in that case, some asymptomatic player may transfer to others. Players may pass it along to others where they live.
David Parsons's bidding problem: AJ9543 AKQ9 9 T3
Agree that the hand is worth a 3 rebid with a pure 64 hand. Not sure if I agree on the meaning of 2, but probably not a bid to throw on a partner without discussion before hand.
David Parsons's bidding problem: Q942 3 KQJ72 KQ7
Why did we not make the obvious 3 call on the last round of bidding? Partner balanced 2 only knowing that we held 4+. With KQJxx, we had an automatic 3 call.
Hank Youngerman's bidding problem: A873 K82 K9 A987
Perhaps you gave us a different hand, but the one that we bid on was 4324, not 4333. We have 6 controls (4 control cards of A/K/K/A). We have a very suit oriented hand. I call the 1nt a hand hogging bid rather ...
Mark Smith's bidding problem: T764 AKQT3 87 92
You overbid your hand twice; this is not worth a 2 overcall, let alone burying your partner with 3nt.
Hank Youngerman's bidding problem: A873 K82 K9 A987
Wouldn't double on the previous round have been a support double? Is that not the normal call with this hand?
No <50% boards
It is more common to have no boards <50% than you may think. In club partnership games where you and your partner are significantly stronger than the rest of the field, there is a very real shot at having a game like that. In robot "best hand" duplicates, which are ...
Keith Connolly's bidding problem: J62 76 AQ96 AT54
It is common to play 2/ openers in 4th seat as 6+ card suits and minimum opening bids (9-13ish HCP depending on distribution), 1/1 followed by 2/ rebid as the 14-16, 1/ followed by jump rebid to 3/ as ...
William Scott's bidding problem: 987652 AKJ6 --- A94
One of the first steps of responses that need to be incorporated with Flannery is setting a suit as trumps with slam try+ values. Suggest that you not play Flannery until you have that locked down in your bidding.

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