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Leo Lasota
Leo Lasota
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May 26, 2011
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When asked by the director of 2003 NABC+ Fast Pairs if I am sure that I deserve a seed and I said probably since we won the event last year.
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2002 NABC+ Fast Pairs
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World Championships
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Leo LaSota
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Kursat Ozsahin's bidding problem: QJ94 AT742 K KJ3
Since partner likes to unnecessarily take up extra bidding room when they jumped to 5, I am guessing that we have at least 13 top tricks and bid 7nt (4, 1, 2, 6).
Suit Preference after attitude in UDCA
Why did we play the 2 on the first trick w/ 3 small? If partner has 5 to the AK+, they will continue the K at trick 2 anyway, unless they have a strong reason to believe that a shift is right (depends on dummy/auction/etc...). Why ...
Small Ideas regarding ACBL NAP qualification
One other change that ACBL should consider making for NAP events is to have the # of entries allowed in a District somehow based on the number of tables that they have participate (whether it be # of club qualifiers/unit qualifiers/or table entries into the District finals). While I understand ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: Q7653 KJ753 8 K3
I chose to pass, even though I knew partner could have a perfect fitting hand to make a slam. I did not want to bury partner for bidding 4, figuring he may have something like 15 HCP with a singleton. Additionally, chances were good that I would receive a ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: Q763 763 AKT98 7
I considered it a close call between 5 and passing with my hand. While partner surely shows at least a pretty good hand to be doubling 5, I was unsure of how well his hand would fit with mine. I passed the double, and we took our 5 ...
What's the best line?
Another example of posting a question on bridgewinners without providing complete information.
Mike Richey's bidding problem: AKJ9x Kxxxx Jx x
It would be a big insult to partner to take another call. They took control with keycard, asked about specific kings, we showed our first specific king (spades), and they did not ask for another king. They placed the contract.
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: QJxxx x ATx Kxxx
Hoping for a reopening double is not bridge. The opponents have shown a spade fit and partner did not double the first time. If partner held 4 and 5+, they would have doubled the first time. This smells like a double fit for the opponents in the majors ...
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: QJxxx x ATx Kxxx
Emily, There is no way that we would have passed on the previous round of the bidding. Regardless of the vulnerability, West would have bid something over (1)-2-(2).
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: QJ75 K963 54 J82
How can this possibly be worth a question? To even consider bidding freely at the 3 level red all on an aceless 7 count with 4 of their is insane.

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