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Leo Lasota
Leo Lasota
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May 26, 2011
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21 hours ago
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United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
When asked by the director of 2003 NABC+ Fast Pairs if I am sure that I deserve a seed and I said probably since we won the event last year.
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2002 NABC+ Fast Pairs
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World Championships
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Transfers over 1C
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Leo LaSota
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Platinum Life Master
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Richard Lawson's bidding problem: Q74 A2 AKJ93 AK8
Why wouldn't you bid 6 over 5 asking for the diamond queen? Over that, partner would bid 7 with the queen of diamonds and you bid 7nt. Partner would bid 6 with the k. Partner would bid 6 with no q OR ...
Liu - Zhao Win IMP Pairs
Zhao's ability to learn a complicated bidding system and win a national championship with only limited experience reminds me of myself at that age 15 years ago. I earned a Bachelor's in Economics at the University of Maryland at College Park. I stayed in College Park and was ...
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: x AQxxx Axx Kxxx
Why didn't we bid 3 (or 3nt depending on what your spade cuebid is) over 3? Don't you play that 3 (or 3nt) shows shortness in spades, 1st or 2nd round control of & , and slam interest or better? Re-transferring to hearts and then ...
Paul Lewis's bidding problem: Q KJ95 QJ652 K42
I open almost all 12 counts, but the rebidding situation over 1-1 here would not be pleasant.
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: AQT2 8 6 KT97432
Why did we take up a whole level of bidding to introduce a bad 7 card suit?
Defending Champions
Seems like rather embarrassingly weak opponents that you faced.
How do we avoid this disaster?
Declarer followed a line that was right when North led from Kxxx and wins trick 2 and does not continue the suit (as they did here) OR North makes a sloppy play of blocking the suit from something like KJ82 and winning trick 2 with the 8. As much as ...
How do we avoid this disaster?
North should visualize that declarer has a great layout in diamonds and spades. Regardless of what N/S agreed to play back at trick 2 (in terms of strength, length, attitude in the club suit), North should expect South to hold the 9 and the J or Q. North ...
Defense against 1N-(2N)
Perhaps not, until you have played against enough folks that psyche 2nt like I have seen :) Once had an opponent overcall 2nt white all with QJ109xxxx. Also saw an opponent open 1nt with Jxxxxx and out at favorable :)
Defense against 1N-(2N)
Since the responses include playing U vs. U as though the opponents have shown the minors, that is an assumption made here.

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