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Leonard Hall
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Sept. 21, 2011
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ACBL's Future 2020 & Beyond (San Francisco NABC Report)
I know someone who attended a huge conference at the hotel, immediately after the tournament. The negotiated room rate was $265.
How would you rule?
Please give us the score at the other table. Assuming that the redouble was determined to be a 12C1e error, can someone explain how would the score be calculated?
Leonard Hall's bidding problem: QT43 JT96 AT92 K
Psych off Flannery in 3rd Seat?
EW could have claimed a deviation if they had never done it before, but West's subsequent comment hangs them. They are playing an illegal convention. Award A+/A- when the table result is not better for NS.
Ruling on an insufficient bid
That part about Law 16D not applying means that there can be no unauthorized information, but an adjusted score is still possible.
Request for advice on dealing machines
I would not do anything special with the cards. It takes about 15 minutes to deal a set, and the time saved would not be worth the chance of fouling a deck by handling it separately. I much prefer the New Generation boards. The labels are easier to read and ...
Ruling question
I didn't think you could score the Beer Card in a diamond contract.
Be a Judge
If attention is first drawn to the revokes after the round has ended, there is no rectification, so no tricks are automatically awarded. There is, however restoration of equity. Making 3 diamonds seems most likely.
Pop Quiz: Which one is Michaels?
Dale is probably thinking of Law 403B, and the ACBL BOD election thereof, but that disallows a change in your agreement. However, you should not need a different agreement, as common sense should prevail.
Leonard Hall's bidding problem: AJ873 QT874 --- 876
Well, my partner had to deal with it, and I had no useful suggestion.

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