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Leonard Helfgott
Leonard Helfgott
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Aug. 20, 2015
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Winning a 1981 Sectional against strong LMs for Intermediate Player of the Year---back in the day!
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Burrell Humphreys, Irwin Miller, Sue Fulton, Alex Salpeter, Ed Landau, Peter Stein,
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Sapphire Life Master
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David Parsons's bidding problem: KT9 Q963 K6543 8
While the 3S call does risk running into a junk Stayman poor hand, its a reasonable risk to take that partner does not have that. And while I, like Richard Fleet, would not open 1NT with that particular hand, there are many other hands with 5 spades and near maximal ...
A play problem from today's Swiss
I would try to cash diamond quack before club ace and ruff, orherwise as crossruff lines.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: 864 AKJ53 J74 A5
Thanks Craig. Your analysis was right on the money and I appreciate being educated in an area I have not had much exposure to. Playing with a friend and mentee I could not be sure how “disciplined” he was, and though I wanted to bid 3D I thought it as ...
common game deal best line for 6NT
David Yates (and others) are correct. My 10 second analysis after a long day was wrong. The only advantage to a club is that you go down at trick 13 (or thereabouts) instead of trick 4 when diamonds are wrong (QJxx/xx). :). My wife always backs into a parking spot ...
As I mentioned in a subsequent post, this posting was an error, the hearts should have been QJx not KQx. With the hand above I would personally upgrade to a 20-21 2NT. :)
common game deal best line for 6NT
A spade club squeeze seems unlikely, so I would probably duck a club and hope for something lucky later.
3!D XX - best line?
It’s not clear to me whether winning DK or ducking to DA at T1 is better for the endplay. You are certainly going to finesse hearts and try to ruff clubs in hand, and if East has QT953 as expected, you need to maintain DJ. You don’t want ...
Several Possibilities- Common Game Yesterday Bd. 25
I stand corrected. Forgot about location of red jack. Unlucky for you. Apparently our field didn’t like leading singletons, perhaps preferring spade ace, as majority made 12 tricks ( mostly in game).
Several Possibilities- Common Game Yesterday Bd. 25
Mike: If the diamond finesse is off and you rise ace, you cannot pull 3 rounds of trumps when queen is stiff since you need 4 rounds of clubs to pitch a diamond. A good slam will require 4 controls (HK, DK, CA) and the heart queen or a 6th ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AQ9875 JT52 Q9 3
Best bid in bridge (Fit Showing jump by advancer) if you can get partner to agree.

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