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Trick 12 Decision
Perhaps it is my babysitting this Saturday morning for my 2-year old beautiful and precocious granddaughter (Broadway tickets and dinner to my daughter and SIL) but i am having a slight blind spot. Since declarer is 3:2 to hold the spade 9, wouldn't West winning the ace immediately ...
And West bidding just 2S isn't?
The Worst Convention Ever
UNT misused doesn't make it bad. The way some people play and misuse weak two bids, you might as well play ACOL or even Strong two bids, less room for abuse, as I did successfully with my wife when I taught her in 1973.
The Worst Convention Ever
Yes. While I do play 1NT-2C-x as Stayman, that's the exception if you consider that a SBD. To me it means that 1NT-2D or 2H-X is STOLEN BID when you were going to transfer to hearts/spades and your transfer bid was atolen. Will absolutely NOT play that.
The Worst Convention Ever
I tend to agree with you Dave, although Fishbein could probably be worked on. But you forgot Two-way Reverse Drury (why remove 2D as well as 2C). Stolen bid doubles and point step responses are awful.
I've found it advantageous to open a weak two with An "ideal" suit for the action and a weak side 4 card major, as here. If the side major is strong then no. Or if the 6 bagger is unsuitable for your standards(e.g. Qxxxxx for me) then ...
Let's say you are dealt QTxxx xxx Kxxx x and it goes 1D-1S-3H minisplinter. Only a 5 count but a clear acceptance to me. Partner might have KJxx x AQxxx Axx (plenty for a 3S invite without minisplinters, in my book). That's 650, or 620 on a bad ...
I completely disagree. Based on what partners holding is in your singleton, his hand can vary in value by as much a 3-4 hip, much more than the value of information leakage and the speculative and/or rare penalty doubles. It is, effectively and precisely, a "short suit game try ...
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
The hand has 3 cover cards plus the spade 10 which far overwhelm 4333. If he held xxx Axx Kxx Qxxx it would be a different story. and I would still bid 4S. QTx in spades is probably worth about 4hcp at least, if you want to count value, IMHO.
How do you name this end-play?
Dave: My point was that all Guard squeezes are triple squeezes agInst one opponent and all Double Guard Squeezes are Essentially Compound Squeezes where one opponent squeezed in two Suits And the other in three suits, tho not at the same time. As with other Compound Squeezes the fatal discard ...

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