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Leonard Helfgott
Leonard Helfgott
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Aug. 20, 2015
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41 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning a 1981 Sectional against strong LMs for Intermediate Player of the Year---back in the day!
Regular Bridge Partners
Burrell Humphreys, Irwin Miller, Sue Fulton, Alex Salpeter, Ed Landau, Peter Stein,
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AQ2 8 K86 AKQ974
The problem is that many would assume this would show 2-3 in suit, not small stiff, and might jump to game on an indifferent or even weak 6-bagger, relying on an 8 card fit.
Alex Perlin Wins Second BBO Robot Championship
Congrats Alex. For those of you who have never met Alex, in addition to being a bona fide genius he is the sweetest, kindest and most helpful person you will ever meet. (Hope I didnt embarrass you Alex!)
1NT or 1C
Thanks Nick and Timo (and Jeff). Even when Nick disagrees with me (which is often!:) he almost always sees my point.
Play 6NT
Of course we arr running diamonds first (losing to a Garozzo as East who ducked Qxx!) but you’d still have to cash all the spades before a heart finesse, lest East exit small spade. I’m not sure the odds of West holding spade majority are that high, maybe ...
Lame Claims
Can I assume that on the second hand a statement such as "I get a Free club finesse or ruff-sluff" would be 100% sufficient"?
Play 6NT
Steve: Once the diamond finesse works, it seems better to hope West has singleton or doubleton HQ or H10 in which case AK hearts insures contract. Here that fails, but you could now hope for west to discard his 5th diamond erroneously (to endplay him in spades) or guess the ...
Queen of Trumps ask when playing RKCB 1430
Richard: Yes, but this happened in the WCs or qualifiers. What do you think happens regularly in clubs or local tournaments. Lets say you hold QJTxxx x KQJxx x and here 1H-1S-4S (or even just 3S). Now you RKC (with no keys) and partner bids 5C(1 or 4). You ...
Queen of Trumps ask when playing RKCB 1430
Mike:”don't play Gerber except after NT” I think even those who assume old world throwback Gerber interpretations only, such ss 1NT-4C or 2N-4C would include 2C-2D-2N-4C as Gerber.
Queen of Trumps ask when playing RKCB 1430
Mike: you could try Gerber and payoff to the missed grand slam if partner has soecifically AK,A,A,A.
Queen of Trumps ask when playing RKCB 1430
Well, I recall the France team in Wc getting to a grand slam off 4 aces. Alan: Yes, constructible but compare that the plethora of disasters otherwise possible. And it does happen. Maybe with a misjudgment or error along the way, but it happens. You have one, partner has 3 ...

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