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What a fix
Really? I held AKJ10xx x K9xx xx opened 1S and made +80 When LHO passed with 9xxx Axxx Axx AK. I love the +80s.
Dennis Dewit's bidding problem: 865 AQ753 KQ7 AK
Since 2D "promises" 5 I'd be inclined to raise anyway (with the alternative hand), but I'd consider 2NT if this shows a split range (12-14/18-19) and I could follow it up with a natural 4NT later. If only a 3NT jump were available, then I need to ...
What is your line?
You Brits get to answer these near noon while us NYers are still sleeping! I take coffee in morning and decaf tea at night (no milk please). My wife has decided to keep working and leaves at 5, waking me in the process so here I am. Tough life! Anyway ...
As the others, 3D is 100% gameforce over 3C.
11, 12 or 13 tricks?
Playing a club finesse is 50%. Playing restricted Choice in spades is much better than 50% if you don't plan to duck a diamond.
Robin Hillyard's bidding problem: KQ K432 AJ64 K63
If double is for takeout and therefore 2NT is ostensibly natural, then why did one not bid 2NT or invite to 2NT (via 2C or otherwise earlier?). There seems to be two answers to this: 1) you have adopted a pass or bash strategy with ~8 1/2 hcp or ...
% Play to Land 6N: 3-3!D or a squeeze
I agree with the analyses without a club shift but disagree with your comments re 70% on the club shift. You cannot test diamonds and run a heart club squeeze. As the author pointed out you can pitch a heart and diamond on the spades but have no idle card ...
ROTS: Your Lead from !SA85 !HJ943 !DKJ9642 !C --
I fully agree that a heart lead seems objectively poor, with a low spade or diamond as normal, but this is bridge, a world where unlikely random events occur daily. Don't you get fixed regularly by some weak player who does something bizarre and gets lucky. Here the weak ...
ROTS: Your Lead from !SA85 !HJ943 !DKJ9642 !C --
Steve: I don't think hands like this, where you don't have enough information to do the right thing, are rare or even unlikely. In the long trim some other lead might be more likely successful, but only more likely, opening leads are often little more than a guess.
Plan your play11
For those who play "3Rd and 5th" the 7 would be from J87(xx) or shortness. For those who play 4Th best/attitude the 7 would be from shortness or second best from Junk or top of nothing. A guess. I think west is more likely to have more than ...

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