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The Other Suits
I don't know what problem occurs if rebid 2 only shows 5cd . opener could rebid 3 after 2N to show 6cd , if opener holds 6 4,he can choose response 3 over 2N and then bid again if possible. for this ...
Puppet and Smolen Over 2NT Opening
Kit, Could I ask extra questions? What method do you suggest to try minor slam? (ie. one-suit m,both minors...) and do you abandon to sign of in 4m?(ie.weak long minor or minors)
Equal Level Conversions
Hi,Kit Do u mean if we have strong hand 1-suiter,we can only overcall(because X means two place to play) Strong hand when they opening is not rare,since nowadays opening are lighter than before. Aren't you afraid of losing many games?
18-19 bal facing a preemptive raise 1m--(1MorX)--3m--(P)--??
I don't know why you claim of that. what's the downside of dividing weak hand/mixed raise hand? if we want to compete earlier,then 1D (X) 3(mixed)/3(weak) can both cause effect(disturbing opponents) and dealing opener hand well if he has strong ...
Some Questions of LTTC
However, you might lack 2 controls in a suit.
Meaning of double after freely responding 1NT
Michael, Would you like to supply a simple guideline to discriminate a double for low level between T/O and penalty ?
Do You Play Bergen Raises?
I have heard some pairs play 3m as mini-splinter to reach good game if opener don't have wasted value on it. Is it worth to use it instead of bergen? (Maybe the only downside is that they could find sacrifice.)
He Didn't Jump
I think bid 3 can steal their bidding space,sometimes keep opps reaching to right contract. Even if 3 would be down a couple.They do not always leave 3X.
Some Questions of LTTC
I agree with you.If a hand is limited,or non-serious,it does not need to use LTTC.
Not a Command
Should east play 7 at trick 1 if they played UDCA signal? Or just play 2 let west judge by himself?

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