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Linda Marshall
Linda Marshall
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July 31, 2011
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21 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm from the Washington, DC area.

In the past few years I've started going to most NABCs.  I've reached the stage where I'm disappointed not to qualify for the second day (I often get to the second day) and pleasantly surprised to make the overalls.

I'm the vice president of my unit and a frequent bridge volunteer.

I'm an attorney.  My other hobbies are dancing, hiking, and knitting.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I had a 60% session in platinum pairs once.
Favorite Conventions
Transfer responses to 1C, transfer lebensohl, xyz, flannery, reverse flannery, mini-splinters, kickback, Robinson (multi-landy), scrambling 2N
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
HELP please
I use chrome and bbo doesn't crash for me.
HELP please
I had to switch from firefox to chrome for bbo.
Why are men more successful at bridge than women?
It's been explained to me as a financial issue--women pros get paid more for playing with clients in women's and mixed events than in open events. Because of this, many of them mostly play in women's and mixed events and consequently don't establish a track record ...
A question on precision 1!D opening
I don't know what the rationale is; that's just what the GCC and the midchart say. The item allowing Flannery says at least 5-4 in two known suits, so it accommodates extra-length Flannery.
A question on precision 1!D opening
It's not general chart legal, but the general chart doesn't apply to open national events like the Spingold. My reading of the midchart is that 1M-1N game forcing is allowed ("all other constructive responses and rebids" are allowed) but I'm not sure whether whatever you use in ...
A question on precision 1!D opening
Right, 3-suited is allowed. You just can't cover both short diamond hands and all Flannery hands with 2D.
A question on precision 1!D opening
That doesn't work in ACBL-land (2D can't cover both 4=4 majors and 4=5 majors).
A question on precision 1!D opening
Right, we open 2D with that (2D includes 4=4=0=5, 4=4=1=4, 4=3=1=5, and 3=4=1=5).
A question on precision 1!D opening
With one partner I play a version of precision where 2C shows 6+, 1D shows 2+, and rebidding 2C after 1D in an uncontested auction shows at least 5-4 (either way) in the minors. If they don't get into the auction, we raise partner's major with 3, bid ...
What Does An Ethical Huddler Do
Sometimes all you can tell is that a slow bid isn't down the middle, not which way it goes. For example, after 1S-2S, if opener tanks and then makes a game try, how can you tell whether the alternative opener was considering was passing or bidding game?

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