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Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Faking the "From:" header is trivial, but if you view all the headers you can see the "Received:" headers and verify that the email followed the expected path from sender to recipient.
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
This requires a bit of work, but when you receive such an email the first step is to check the [url=""]email headers[/url] (follow the link for instructions on how to do this in various mail programs). The relevant header is "Received:" -- there ...
Tom: I agree that Friedlander's proposal wasn't workable; I cited it only to show that there are other ways to phrase the agreement.
Tom: The drafters of the ACBL arbitration agreement went for the standard language in such contracts. Were I drafting the agreement I would have used different language that did state some qualifications for the arbitrator. For one way to do this, see Mark Friedlander [url=" ...
Here's the ACBL's [url=]arbitration agreement[/url], ensuring that disciplined players can't go to court.
Since I'm not a serious bridge player, your should discount my opinion, but I think you're fundamentally wrong. Judges who lack the basic competence of understanding statistics should not be reviewing bridge cheating cases any more than judges who are illiterate. The fault here is with the bridge ...
Induce a Blockage
Kit's "you" is always playing Precision, but does not always sit NS: "you" are NS when you will end up declaring, but EW when you will end up defending. In particular, your initial seat reveals something about the outcome of the auction and you need to ignore this knowledge ...
WBF accepted proposal for proving honesty of organization
You can buy [url=]hardware random number generators[/url], but BigDeal's PRNG is sufficiently secure. The point of using NIST's random bits is not that they are truly random, but that they are at the same time public and out of ...
WBF accepted proposal for proving honesty of organization
Great find, Richard! Hans: you can't use this for session keys (it's public information). You should use one block (512 bits) as the extra salt. This has enough entropy to ensure averaging attacks are infeasible.
WBF accepted proposal for proving honesty of organization
I see. You aren't proving that the hands were randomly generated at all -- that would depend on the randomness in choosing the seed, something which cannot be verified. Rather, you are trying to use a precommittment to prove that the deals weren't manipulated. Moreover, you are including enough ...

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