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AI and Human Consciousness
This is a ridiculous article. So far no chess-playing programme has been designed by a computer, or equivalently no computer program designed for general problem-solving has attempted to play chess. The article claims that computers programmed to play chess by examining game trees will not be able to correctly analyze ...
Is the Math Correct? Negative Adjustments in the Seeding Points for Vandy
As quoted above by J.R. Rothschild, there are two kinds of adjustments. One is that points won together with suspended cheats are forfeit. This comes off the top before any caps. The other is a change to the cap: seeding points from certain sources are now capped below the ...
Is the Math Correct? Negative Adjustments in the Seeding Points for Vandy
[quote]Why would one assume that "success" and "playing strength" would differ?[/quote] They are different. Success is an observable indicator of the invisible characteristic of playing strength (to the extend that such a characterstic meaningfully exists). You are correct that the seeding points formula is formally intended to measure ...
Is the Math Correct? Negative Adjustments in the Seeding Points for Vandy
I see. They are correcting for the fact that Garozzo's 132.585 seeding points come from his wins with the Blue Team.
Is the Math Correct? Negative Adjustments in the Seeding Points for Vandy
Chess ratings don't depend on the event at all -- only on the opponent. Instead, the rating is adjusted based on the difference between the expected result of the game (reflecting the relative prior rating) and the game result. So yes, if a weak player loses to a strong player ...
A feat that will never be topped
Assuming every player is equally likely to be declarer, the odds of never being declarer in 26 boards are (0.75)^26 which is about 5.6 in 10,000. In human terms, if you play a 26-board session every week you expect this to happen about once every 34 ...
Testers Needed for BW Mobile App
I should say that the most important first impression about an app is the permissions it asks for. For example, the BW app shouldn't need to know my location, my cell phone number, WiFi network information etc. [edited to clarify my intent]
Terms of Service
I wrote the administrators to propose the same thing. I also wish every site followed the practice of publishing diffs when the modify the terms.
Majority of Tricks
On page 7 the diagram is missing dummy's last trump (which admittedly was played at the bottom of page 6) so the two hands have different numbers of cards.
BBO client
I sorely miss the old web-based "mobile Vugraph viewer" which was a lightweight HTML page without flash for watching Vugraph broadcasts. It gave a simple clean view without all the bells and whistles of the flash application (even the flash vugraph viewer).

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