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Jan. 30, 2011
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For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
You are missing my point -- the [i]human system[/i] the other bots use has been optimized for general bridge incorporating competitive auctions, human play limitations etc. For example, the human system incorporates preempts which are a bad strategy if you are guaranteed opponents never bid, it incorporates Stayman and ...
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
Michał: it beats other computer systems in a specifically chosen variant the other systems were not optimized for.
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
They claim to do better than Wbridge5, but that part is suspect: they are assuming that, regardless of the hands dealt, opponents will remain silent -- while Wbridge5's bidding system is optimized for a realistic game where opponents may bid. Accordingly while I will readily believe that their bidding system ...
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
Richard: practically all countries don't tax non-resident citizens on foreign income. But the US does, so many readers here have that presumption.
CHINA wins Venice Cup
Congratulations! Aside: There's spurious comma inserted in the name of Sweden's Pia Andersson.
Bermuda Bowl RR9: USA1 vs USA2
On page 2 under the diagram, doesn't declarer only have 1 top club trick?
ACBL Convention Charts: Proposed Revisions
Does this mean that Woolsey's SP carding (detailed in his columns, for example) is not permitted?
Extra Trick
Page 2: "East is stretching a bit" should have South instead.
Ugly Call
At the bottom of page 4 there's a spurious exclamation mark: !6.
Back to the drawing board
Actually, mathematically speaking in two dimensions "centre of symmetry" refers to rotations, while "axis of symmetry" to reflections. Of course explicitly specifying the required symmetry (rotation by 180 degrees) makes much more sense than doing so indirectly.

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