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Dec. 30, 2015
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April 21, 2019
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Lee Sedol vs. AlphaGo
Computers are unlikely to surpass the best humans in bridge because bridge is too easy, and the best humans play it very close to perfectly. In a more complex game, like chess or go, faster computing and better strategy can create a huge advantage. AlphaGo beats the human not because ...
Is the standard of play declining?
if you percieve that the level of play is declining, it is a sign that you are improving. it is also a sign that you are getting old and cranky.
How do you count, sort and hold your cards
this is a funny topic. it happened to me in the past that an opponent "read" my shape from the location i was pulling my cards out. it even happened that an opponent complained about the strange way i hold my cards and that he thought i had a singleton ...
Screens, screens, screams!
it's hardest if you want to kibitz just one player. during the play one of the opponent's cards won't be visible because of the angles. sitting at the corner of the table i find myself moving my head from one side of the screen to the other ...
Screens, screens, screams!
Screens make it very hard for kibitzers to watch.
No double, no trouble
To the gentlemen who give Lukasz a hard time for each one of his posts: I think that Lukasz means it as bridge humour. I find the series about bridge in the roman empire particularly entertaining. If you don't find Lukasz' posts funny it just means that you have ...
Play (MP)
the lead is likely from shortage (doubleton, or from three small). in any case east will have more clubs than west, which makes west more likely to have the diamond ace.
Ways to improve partnership defence?
kit woolsey has a good book about the subject. if you both read that you are set.
Count or Attitude?
i would continue with the club 6
in theory it's very simple. you just have to recognize colors and shapes, a well trained bird can do it. in practice it happens because you are thinking about other things: counting, the bidding, what you will do next, remembering cards etc. or maybe you are tired or had ...

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