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Board 3, 9th April (last remaining)
I can see now that I should have rebid 3D. I was thinking opener had only showed a minimum hand, which I keep thinking of as only up to 15HCP, but she could have had up to 17 and there would have been no danger in playing in 3D with ...
Board 8 - 9th April
I liked our auction: 1C P 1H P 2C P 2S P 2NT P 3S(showing 6H/5S) P 4H
Board 26, 2 April, Argentina vs USA1
You've got me there Kate! She could indeed have had the HA and a fifth heart
Board 26, 2 April, Argentina vs USA1
Our 3H has less than 6HCP and so partner can't have HAQ nor DA and heart honour (can't have a diamond void because she would have bid game). Hence no point asking. Unless of course I suspected a 10 card fit then perhaps on a good day all ...
Good Morning from Shanghai
Goodness it could have been a welcome reprieve from working even longer hours and yet you are still seeing it as a positive! Good luck with everything and keep well xx
Board 26, 2 April, Argentina vs USA1
I would double and keep doubling
Which slam would you choose?
As south I would bank on there being a club slam on rather than a heart slam because what would be the odds of partner having 5 hearts! If I ask for a 5 card major via 3C then I forgo the opportunity to show the long clubs and right ...
Board 6 March 26 BB 2007 Egypt v Italy
Ooh I like 3NT showing a void splinter Barb - much lower than using exclusion keycard. What are your continuations?
Board 6 March 26 BB 2007 Egypt v Italy
Thanks Kate, the 3NT bid came up again in Hobart and we had decided to change it to be only used with a 4333. Also ensuring stoppers in all suits would make it a lot safer and convey the right information ie choice of contract.
Board 6 March 26 BB 2007 Egypt v Italy
This was a disappointing auction revealing the limitations of our system. Playing against robots, we didn’t even have interference! 1S P 3NT (13-15 with 3 card support) P 5H (Exclusion KC) P 6D P 6S P P P 3NT allowed no room for south to show Diamonds. Exclusion KC ...

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