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Board 10, July 16th, Netherlands vs Norway
I can’t fathom why I bid 2D instead of 1D. Must have been distracted! So of course that makes an overcall by North less likely when she thinks I’ve preempted. One expert table overcalled 2D in direct seat as well. North then came in with 3C so perhaps ...
Board 26, 9th July, Netherlands vs Norway
old version hand viewer link didn't work!
Board 10, 2nd July, Netherlands vs Norway
I didn't want to hear partner bid NT and wrong side the contract
Board 10, 2nd July, Netherlands vs Norway
Add 2 for the 6 card suit and open 2C with 2NT rebid via Kokish to show 22-23HCP
Board 10, 2nd July, Netherlands vs Norway
Fantastic advise regarding whether to open NT or the suit. I had a 20 point 2326 yesterday: AQ AQ7 A6 A109643 and after much angst opened 2NT(20 - 21) to protect my tenaces. I would never have considered adding 2 points for the 6 card suit but that would have ...
Board 10, 2nd July, Netherlands vs Norway
Yes I wouldn't have doubled in the South seat after 2H by East. Perhaps North has a balancing double in that sequence though and South will end up in 2S
Brd 27 June 25 BB 2007 Sweden V Netherlands 6/6
Kate, the rules are from Ron Klinger
Brd 27 June 25 BB 2007 Sweden V Netherlands 6/6
As South, I was happy to X 3H for penalty on the basis of a nifty set of rules that Therese Demarco found. We had been getting burnt by doubling part scores that had made. The rules state: The rule of 6 for adequate length: the number of trumps that ...
Hand 32 Forum June 25
If North rebids 2NT to show 18-19, then the slam is hard to find. So when should North bid 4S vs 2NT? Does 4S work better here because the Aces make it worth more than 19?
Board 26, 18th June, Sweden vs Netherlands 4/6
As South I neglected to bid on this hand but learned from the experience and when a very similar hand came up last night I preempted to the 3 level with 6/4 in the minors at favourable vulnerability. LHO doubled and partner raised to the 5 level. Now RHO ...

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