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Lorne Nicolson
Lorne Nicolson
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Member Since
June 25, 2010
Last Seen
Sept. 7
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being told to stay in section A at a monthly masterpoint game by Phil Wood. I had less than 5mp. We
Bridge Accomplishments
several B level wins at Regionals
Regular Bridge Partners
Trevor Hart
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Nelson Bridge Club, Nelson BC
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton Regional
Favorite Conventions
Transfer Precision
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
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STOP (to support Adam W, et al.)
How wonderful! When we do away with the stop card I will have several choices over a pre-empt. I can pass instantly and show a weak hand or I may tank and then pass showing about 10 - 13 balanced. A tank followed by NT could show a splinter in opener ...
Good Defense by Greco-Hampson
OK - a club to the A and a heart return to force the Q putting the J in control - nice uppercut. Now I will be able to sleep tonight. :)
Good Defense by Greco-Hampson
I also watched it and still don't believe it. I have replayed the movie twice and don't see that Dan could go down with the few tricks left to play then the concession is agreed to. Of course the movie stopped. I put it down to operator error ...
UI in club games?
The following is the letter that I submitted to the Bulletin (complete with its grammatic error: The Stop Card I would like to thank Rich Streeter (September Bulletin) for bringing up the subject of the stop card. I agree that it could be miss-used to “wake-up partner”. It could even ...
UI in club games?
Yes - one of the best observers of the pause at our club has few masterpoints but was properly taught in bridge class. He pauses consistently whether the stop card is used or not.
UI in club games?
South didn't take 20 seconds to ponder the bid before passing. East should use the stop card and once south has seen it make his bid and remove the stop card. The original procedure was to announce "skip bid" and then call out your bid. The fact is that ...
Unusual NT
Two lowest unbid suits. I also like to be specific with Michaels and over any minor a cue-bid is majors. With top-and-other you can overcall and use judgement. Like Dave Kresh just said "Makes life easy for partner".
What is the bridge system that has most impressed you?
Yes I have the Roman Club book. Only one of our group had the grey power to learn it but it sure was effective. The Neapolitan 1NT overcall is a splinter of opener's suit with sound opening values and at least 2 biddable suits. I would like to try ...
What is the bridge system that has most impressed you?
To answer the original question "What is the bridge system that has most impressed you." It was definitely the Neapolitan Club. It was the late 50's when Playboy Magazine published an article which explained why the Italians had routed the best that NA had to offer. A few or ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
The cavalier attitude of the WBF reminds me of governance of world class road-race cycling. In the recent Vuelta a Espana one half of the field was eliminated by a time violation. The rule is clear but the officials decided to over-rule and allow the late finishers to continue the ...

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