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Louis Dekker
Louis Dekker
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Sept. 25, 2015
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14 hours ago
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about me

Enjoy playing bridge and watching most other sports.

More interested in bidding than in playing, but that's probably because declaring is the worst part of my game Embarassed.


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2nd in Dutch Mixed Teams Championships 2015
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Ruit and 2Klaveren in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Showing the Ten of Spades
It sounds like i prefer my partner to yours :=)
Showing the Jack of Spades
I understood that, but in that case i can't help but ask "how was the not raising to 2 described?" :=)
Showing the Jack of Spades
I read that originally as indeed meaning that [b]not[/b] raising to 2 was considered (explained as ??) the psyche :=)
Continuation of "First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey"
Is it updated now?
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
My personal preference isn't one of the options but it goes a long way towards clarifying at a relatively early stage the strength of one of the hands (opener's in our case). Of course it doesn't solve everything and like (practically) every conventional agreement creates problems as ...
ATB - Matchpoints
Wouldn't you love to be playing Negative Free Bids :=) ?
ATB - Matchpoints
I think the number of Abstains shows there are more of us :=)
Showing the Ten of Spades
Agreed, of course. To me what's most remarkable about these 2 - and of course it's waaaayyyyyy too small a sample and possibly a cherry-picked one at that to draw any concusions from - is that on both occasions the lead was [b]what partner would probably have chosen[/b ...
Showing the Ten of Spades
After a lead we still get a chance to get our tricks after making K (?). That of course doesn't mean that partner would presumably have liked us to lead and may or may not have had a way to let us in on that ..........
One Law for the Rich?
Me too

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