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Louis Dekker
Louis Dekker
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Sept. 25, 2015
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Feb. 22
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about me

Enjoy playing bridge and watching most other sports.

More interested in bidding than in playing, but that's probably because declaring is the worst part of my game Embarassed.


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2nd in Dutch Mixed Teams Championships 2015
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Ruit and 2Klaveren in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Jeroen Wieland's lead problem: Q K964 76 KJT876
Why no asking for Q? Sounds a bit like East maybe wanted to find out about K and is holding KQ themselves?! Not sure i can draw any conclusions from this that help me with the lead. Don't think i'd ever lead a here ...
Another ruling case
[i]“Most good players play different defenses against strong and weak NT.” Since I am reading this on the internet, it must be true. [b]Furthermore, one can reasonably conclude that if a pair isn't doing so, they likely aren't good players[/b], something to keep in mind ...
Another ruling case
With the later clarification in the post it seems that North got the wrong information from East. However, that seems to be due to the fact that East was not aware of the weak NT. If the NT was strong, which it would be presumed to be without an alert ...
Another ruling case
Who are screenmates? From the story it sounds as if East had North AND South as screenmate (but not at the same time).
Ethics of Taking Advantage of Hitches
Sounds like the same way screens do and in the same way you will often still know who caused the delay .....
Ethics of Taking Advantage of Hitches
Huh?! As if you can't hitch with 2 small in electronic play!
Fail to alert, the ruling and what wold you have bid?
You're right, thanks. Yes, that makes the decision whether or not to double less obvious! I think i'd pass, but it's close. My statement about the 3NT by West doesn't change though.
Fail to alert, the ruling and what wold you have bid?
I would not have had this problem because i'd have doubled 1 with the East hand :=) Not doubling 1 and then doubling 3 to me sounds much riskier. South could have a maximum for a weak raise and North could be very strong indeed and we ...
Jeroen Wieland's bidding problem: QT AQT973 KQ A92
I want to support 's and show a hand that's too good for bidding 4. At the moment we do that by bidding their suit, although i think always using 4 is better in these situations where you have to go to the 4-level anyway. You ...
Alert Question
Like i remarked elsewhere in this thread: that box is/was weird anyway. Psyching frequently is a contradiction and checking the "never" box doesn't mean anything either.

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