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Louis Dekker
Louis Dekker
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Enjoy playing bridge and watching most other sports.

More interested in bidding than in playing, but that's probably because declaring is the worst part of my game Embarassed.


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2nd in Dutch Mixed Teams Championships 2015
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Ruit and 2Klaveren in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: AKJT 98 AJ8 A943
Shouldn't this poll be an article :=) ?
TD please
Maybe the real victims were N/S?
What would you choose?
The partner part is the easiest: i'll stick with the one i have right now :) Conventions i find hard to rank. [b]Stayman[/b] seems difficult to replace, so i guess that would be in. I'd probably include [b]splinters[/b], partly because they apply in many situations ...
Please rank these choices
@ Jordan: You could get different results that way though. Say 100% of the voters have 2 as their 2nd choice, you would get 0% for 2 in a 'normal' poll, but you could have a meagre 5% for 20 different bids each.
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
"[i]I wish a red wavy line came up when I was about to misbid.[/i] Sometimes an opponent waves something red when you (have) misbid :)
ATB --270-ish degrees slam
Don't think this has anything to do with whether or not PFA sucks. 3 key-cards to me rules out PFA. So i would have chosen option 2 if it didn't contain the PFA sucks part.
Helgemo and Helness situation
Monegasks i think is what they are called :)
You Be the Judge. Common Game 2/12/19 board 23
I abstained. Why is it impossible to 'blame' East for a % of the blame? Doesn't feel right to automatically assume E and W add up to 100
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 3 AQ8 4 KQJ98643
Actually, for me the main idea of playing this double as 13-15 BAL is to not miss out on 3NT where we both have about 13-15 BAL, but that doesn't mean we can't nail them of course. It's the classical difference between (a 2nd) double being negative ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 3 AQ8 4 KQJ98643
One does not follow from the other imo

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