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Luc Bellicaud
Luc Bellicaud
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Sept. 26, 2017
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Member of the french U21 team


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World U21 winner/ U16 vice-champion
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Spingold, Vegas on Twitch!
I loved it last time, keep it up ! I would have done the same if I wasn't playing European University Championships :(
Showing spades after 1m (1!H)
1m (1) X : 4/5 spades 2 : 6 spades, weak or strong 2 : GF minor mit 3 : 6 spades limit And of course, I bid 1 if I don't have any.
Double of 6NT
Diamond is the natural lead, so I think partner doubled for a club lead.
Director ruling
I forgot that playing 2 as exclusively 5+5 was french...
Director ruling
How would North bid with xxx xx xx Qxxxxx I don't think it's right to let the result stand
Luc Bellicaud's bidding problem: AQxxx KTxxx x Ax
We were playing with screens, and he didn't release
Luc Bellicaud's bidding problem: AQxxx KTxxx x Ax
No he didn't
Play this slam
It's accurate, strip then to the !J : 61.3 % to the 8 and diamond finess : 58.37 % Too bad you didn't have 10 in the dummy (or one more communication) You could have played : A ruff K to 10 ruff to J ...
1!D - P - 1!H - 4!S - ?
1,2 : easy X 3 : Could be wrong, but I also X here 4 : 4NT --> 5, slam try 5 : 4NT, most difficult one imo, close call between pass and 4NT 6 : X : secure a plus score (bidding hearts is way too commiting) 7 : Pass, X isn't penalty oriented
What do you play at trick two at Matchpoints?
Thought 10 was the best card, but declarer may have some communications issues, so I let my partner in hand and hope he is going to find the best shift.

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