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Lutsen Jansen
Lutsen Jansen
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Basic Information

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Feb. 8, 2012
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Avid Dutch bridge player; currently, due to an intense familiy life with young children, hardly playing IRL. Still enjoying playing on BBO occasionally.

Fan of special bidding systems, especially Australian / New Zealand systems with symmetric relay built in.


Bridge Information

Member of Bridge Club(s)
None at the moment
Favorite Tournaments
Dombo (Teams tournament on Ascension Day every year in Utrecht, Netherlands)
Favorite Conventions
Not so much a convention, but a module: symmetric relay
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
The Weak Pass
1st/2nd: Limited TRF 1-op; 3rd/4th: natural & forcing 1-open.
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Learn Bidding in 15 Minutes?
There are four people at the bridge table. You are completely bypassing competitive bidding. In today’s game, that is more important than constructive bidding.
Andrzej Matuszewski's lead problem: K62 KJ4 8643 AQJ
I hope for club length with my pd and want to get the clubs unblocked before he gets in.
Jason Feldman's bidding problem: AJ QJ Jxx AKQJxx
This is not a problem. Double is the normal call with such a strong hand. I suspect that in practice, the normal bid turned out badly. Hence the poll.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: KQ97543 8 97 J43
4 might have its flaws, but certainly fewer flaws than 2 f1r. With the latter, you promise more values than you have, and you don't get the mesage across that you have a playable suit opposite a singleton.
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan's bidding problem: Q98 Q7 A942 AQ32
Double first time. It's not the perfect hand, but then again, if I have to wait for the perfect hand, I lose too many part scores.
Bridge Still is Not a Sport
in order to play bridge, we use our brain. Our brain is part of our body, and therefore, bridge requires 'physical activity'.
Brilliancy Awards from the Swedish Premier League
Marion Michielsen and Meike Wortel are both Dutch by the way.
World Bridge Games Winners
My special congratulations to NL mixed, who won four-handed! But of course, I'm also thrilled about the Open win. :-)
I was always told that a 7-4-2-0 distribution was known as a Marilyn Monroe - what would you bid on this sexy hand?
I might have been tempted to bid 4 on my first turn. Now that my pd has bid 1, I don't bid more than 4. Slam is very unlikely, unless partner is very strong. If he has a minimum opener, 4 might already be too ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 872 Q AK865432 A
I take it slow (2): I want to give LHO the opportunity to bid spades. That would make it more likely that my pd has some diamond support. Over f.i. 3, I'll bid 4.
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