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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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A matter of style ?
We play 1 shows clubs or balanced in a weak NT context, so our 1 opening, if balanced, shows 15-20. We have always opened 1M holding 15-20 and a balanced hand, so we have continued to do so. Still, we have found that the knowledge that a 1 ...
ATB - 7N a no-no
Richard, first, I don't see how bidding 5NT allows you to reach this "cold 7 by E" when it exists. (I'm also having trouble visualizing a hand that makes 7 by E cold when E didn't cue bid in response to the double, to suggest ...
ATB - 7N a no-no
Phil's argument seems better to me. Where I disagree is assigning blame. West's 7NT bid may have been a bit ill-judged, but East told a flat-out lie. In my mind, that's a worse offense, so I blame him a bit more. As someone commented upthread, if I ...
What do you expect?
3NT is an offer to play 3NT. It might be based on a good long suit, but it's probably a balanced hand of appropriate strength with adequate stoppers. I voted "Other" because both alternatives in the poll were too specific.
What is the right thing to do?
Well, it happened to me in a NABC event. My partner had left the table for a break, and I had been having a friendly conversation with my opponents. When my partner returned, I barely noticed it. All I saw was a pass from my RHO, so I passed reflexively ...
Assign blame
Steve, do you not distinguish at all between doubles over the bidder and doubles under the bidder? We do. A double over the bidder is a penalty double--that is, it shows trump tricks and typically a misfit for partner's suit. A double under the bidder suggests a balanced hand ...
Assign blame
Steve, if partner has the sort of hand on which you'd like him to pass if you doubled on AKxxx x KQx J10xx, wouldn't you expect him to balance with double, suggesting no clear direction? My partner would double in passout seat on any hand without a spade ...
A not-so-"minor" problem
You're right, of course. I've fallen for that in the past, too.
A not-so-"minor" problem
My plan is to bid 2. My followup will depend on how the auction continues from there. If partner raises diamonds, as he will here, I'll bid 5 exclusion keycard, and we should find the grand slam. I dislike UNT when my diamonds are longer than my ...
4NT Over a 4 Spade Pre-empt
We play that 4NT is offensively oriented takeout, two- or three-suited, but always includes hearts. (We think that having an "anchor" suit is useful, and hearts plus either minor is twice as common as minors only.) However, although partner always has hearts, he doesn't necessarily have 5 of them ...

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