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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Phillip Martin's bidding problem: Q32 --- AKQ763 KQ76
The implications of this auction depend a lot on the pair's other agreements. Mine are that the takeout doubler always has at least some interest in the unbid major (because strong one-suiters and two-suiters are handled by other bids). Also, as responder, we tend to "discount" about the first ...
Magic Bullet 1N
Actually, the transfer rebids after a 1 opening are quite easy to remember. When we first switched to playing T-Walsh with a weak NT, we started with the unbalanced diamond rebids first because they were easier.
Hesitation Habits and Unauthorized Information--How to Enforce Law 16 in Practice?
One of several reasons that Dale and I never call the director about a hesitation in a low-level event is that we know that we usually benefit much more than the hesitater's partner does from their variations in tempo. We read them better than they read each other. It ...
Missing alert
Kit, the post explains that 1 was "strong, artificial, and forcing." In exactly what suit, in that context, is West showing a limit raise? I don't think the 2 bid does have a "standard" meaning in response to a forcing club opening. It's clear that the ...
Overcalling a Weak Two with 3m on a 5 card suit
Agree with Brad about the requirement to hold either a good 6-card suit or 15+ HCP. I voted for the K, but I'd also probably stretch to overcall with the Q in addition.
Defence to Weak 2NT opener (minors)?
Directly over 2NT: X=strong balanced hand; 3=both majors (at least 5-4), weakish; 3=both majors, strong; 3M=sound overcall. X followed by X=penalty-oriented (but partner can bid with good shape). In passout after (2NT)-P-(3m)-P-(P): X=takeout (typically both majors but not ...
1!S X 2!S X - Minors or can it have hearts?
We play X shows at least two places to play. With a purely competitive hand, if partner rebids any suit we hold, we simply pass, on the theory that the goal on competitive hands is to go plus; playing in the best strain is a trivial consideration at IMPs and ...
Get the Promotion
Kurt: They were outlawed because many people believed (and I was among them) that they led to hesitations that conveyed a lot of UI. O/E adherents argue that players of standard or upside-down signals have the same problems, but they really don't. You always have a highest card ...
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
No, 1-1NT doesn't have to promise 18-19 balanced, as long as the 1NT response shows, say, 8-10. The real problem sequence is 1-1NT. It's not practical to narrow the range for that 1NT response unless you are willing to respond in 3-card major suits, and doing ...
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
As someone who has also played 12-14 NT for more years than I care to admit, I want to echo all of Randy's points. About 5 years ago we switched to playing unbalanced diamond openings and 1 openings either clubs or balanced. We play transfer responses to 1 ...

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