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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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First three classes
Alan, that's only true if you can get them to keep score. For a long time, my not-quite beginners were entirely content to play 3 making 6. It meant they "won," by which they meant that they were plus. We taught them how to keep score, but it ...
Advancing Overcall with Fitting and Non-Fitting Hands
IMO, if you are going to play that both a cue bid and a 2NT bid guarantee a fit, it works best to play all new suit advances forcing 1 round. I believe you are underestimating the utility of being able to bid a new suit. It may not require ...
David Caplan (1964-2019) - Our Story
Fred, thank you for such a lovely memento mori. So sorry you lost your friend at such an early age.
Board 3 Day 1 Session 1 LM Pairs
Without the hesitation, I would have led the J. After the hesitation, if South had led it, I imagine you'd win your protest. At the point you reached in the play, I think the spade shift is sufficiently clear to be allowed, for the reasons given by Kit and ...
An instructive deal for the non-math types
Depends on what you mean by a "non-maths" person. I don't know any experts who are completely mathematically illiterate, but I know a number who operate in the realm of approximations and lack the ability to solve complex probability equations in their heads at the table. Once you memorize ...
Is 4NT ever quantitative after a suit fit is found ?
Our agreement is that 4NT is always quantitative or "to play" if a minor is agreed, because we play Kickback. If a major is agreed--truly agreed, which does not include reluctant preferences--we play that 4NT is RKC if spades are agreed or a spade cue bid if hearts are agreed ...
How do you act and alert after partner's missbid?
But the opponents who play "weasel" are often the ones who flatly *refuse* to listen to or read our pre-alerts. "Just alert us when it comes up, I can't listen to all that." "Weasel" seems to work as well as, or better than, typical defenses against transfer responses.
How to tell your partner if the opponents are strong
When I started playing bridge, a fairly large number of non-expert pairs played what my first husband and I used to call "optional Landy." An overcall of 2 over our 1NT was explained to show the majors. However, advancer was never allowed to jump in response, and if the ...
Systems after (weak two) - 2N - (P)
Since Option 1 was closest, I voted for that. What we actually play is what we play over 1NT overcalls. We play Stayman and transfers, but a transfer to their suit shows a singleton or void in their suit and a long suit of our own (presumably not the other ...
Bidding over a precision 2!C
In addition to what Randy and Michael have said, IMO there is also an issue of space for constructive bidding. Few experts play intermediate jump overcalls over a one-level opening because experience has shown that those hands can usually be handled effectively by a takeout double followed by bidding the ...

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