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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQT2 AKJ AK976 9
It feels to me as if 6NT is a reasonable gamble at matchpoints. Certainly it won't be cold, and 6 is, as Richard observed. Still, when partner holds an ace and two kings and I have this monster, I think almost everyone in the field will reach slam ...
Should I be lookiing to report this behavior? (Part 1)
Ed, as I understand the narrative in the OP, the only person who called attention to the irregularity (because he was the only person who noticed it) was the declarer. If he didn't want to waste time, he could presumably not have called attention to it. Would that also ...
Should I be lookiing to report this behavior? (Part 1)
John, I'm sure you are correct under the laws. In practice, though, I've never seen anyone playing in an event beyond the beginner class call the director when the declarer won the revoke trick and ALL subsequent tricks. We all know that there is no penalty under those ...
Should I be lookiing to report this behavior? (Part 1)
Clearly, you don't need to call the director, since you weren't damaged on either hand. After the second hand against the same opponent, however, i would file a Recorder memo. You weren't damaged in either case, but other opponents might be on other hands. It's perhaps ...
Don Caplin's bidding problem: KQ6 K8 AKQT2 K63
It's not possible to offer a bid on this hand without knowing what a double by partner would mean. If partner's double would be takeout, then my double would also be takeout. If partner's double would be penalty, then my double should also be penalty. That doesn ...
Competitive Response with 4-4 majors
My "Tend to prefer 1" answer is based on Richard's point. That is, I'd only bid 1 on a hand something like his example. To clarify, if I did bid 1, I wouldn't ever bid hearts.
Best Hand Held After Partner Opens
Actually, Gary, I was the partner in question (and I was nonvul vs vul--Dale changed it to make a better story). Anyway, he didn't need to abandon the partnership (which would have been awkward in any case). That was exactly my third opening bid psychic in many years of ...
A feat that will never be topped
Many years ago, I played in a regional open pairs with a new partner, Sidney Aronson, who was a fine player (much better than I was then) but came from quite a different generation than mine (at the time). We declared on only 4 of the 26 boards. I don ...
What's your minimum for an overcall - MP - Neither vul
"Imperative" is your word, not mine. Your point is certainly reasonable. I just wish you would stop distorting what I actually said in order to make it.
What's your minimum for an overcall - MP - Neither vul
No, I actually said that I'd like a slightly stronger hand to overcall 1 than to overcall 1--not a slightly stronger hand than this one. I explicitly said that I would overcall on the OP hand even if the hearts and spades were reversed. If partner actually ...

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