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Lynn Johannesen
Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Aida Saldzieva-Lynn Johannesen
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Why SAYC is so Bad (and we know it is!)
Interesting. I've always felt that 2/1 is easier to teach to beginners. Once partner bids 2/1, both partners know the auction is forced to game, and they can bid naturally. It's not even really necessary to play a forcing or semi-forcing 1NT response, although it's ...
Cue Bid Over Weak 2 Diamond Openings
To keep things simple, we play what we play over 2M openings, which is the stopper ask. Admittedly, the arguments in favor of playing Michaels are much stronger when the opponents open 2. Our opponents don't open weak 2 bids often enough to cause us to make ...
Which hand(s) do you double for the lead
D is the only clear double. I'm inclined to risk a double on D and E as well--though I probably wouldn't do it at the table--because I'll be unhappy if partner chooses to lead either hearts or clubs, and maybe diamonds, as well. It's only reasonable ...
Defense to Strong Club Opening
Dale and I have always played a CRASH variant called Screw, for Shape, Color, Rank. The Screw bids are X, 1, and 1NT, Major suit overcalls are natural. What we found in practice is that two-suited overcalls on weak hands tended to help declarer more than they helped us ...
Attitude signal vs 3NT
What Phil said. My attitude signals are about more than my holding in the suit led; they express an opinion about the best line of defense. In this case, I would discourage because I expect to be on lead before declarer runs 9 tricks. If I held nothing resembling an ...
What should east-west have done?
This psych is surprisingly effective. I've tried it five times that I can recall, not all of them with Dale. Twice it worked well, by discouraging the opponents from balancing. Once it worked well by preventing partner from bidding too much. Once it was neutral--partner bid too much anyway ...
How do you play this double?
Phil said, "To me, 'penalty' implies a trump stack and non-convertible values." I think many people would agree with that statement, and it often makes it difficult for me to answer questions of the form, "What does this double mean?" To me, any double you expect partner to pass 80-90 ...
(1m) - X - (1M) - X
We play that double of 1S is essentially penalty. It shows at least 4 spades, but it also shows sufficient high cards to think we should keep on bidding. An immediate 2 bid shows 5 or more spades, but it is more limited in high cards. I had to ...
Is this an exception to a rule
This poll ought to let you choose more than one answer. I don't think opening bidder is quite strong enough for the H-C-H auction, so I voted for that. I also think that after opener rebid 2, presumably because he thought the hand was good enough for H-C-H ...
The simplest double yet?
On the way to the first tournament I ever played in, Ed Manfield said to me, "The opponents are never allowed to play any contract under 2NT undoubled." He said that because he knew I'd never played anything but rubber bridge in a girls' dormitory, and he figured I ...

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