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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Aida Saldzieva-Lynn Johannesen
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Double Trouble
It would depend on who you were playing with. If your partner was Dale or, I suspect, Rob Stevens, double would be penalty. If you were playing with me, I probably wouldn't try it at all unless I held something like Axxxx Kxxx KJ9 x, so that I'd ...
Do you have tools?
Randy, the OP asked the question, "Do You Have Tools?" The answer to that, for many of us, is "Yes." You are answering a different--though probably more important--question: How often and on what hand types should you use those tools? For that question, we agree entirely with you. Almost the ...
How do you interpret this double?
Ed Manfield and I played doubles of this type (including those over major suit rebids) as two-way for a while, expecting partner of the doubler to look at this hand and figure out what doubler held. We made three of them. All three times, responder to the double held *exactly ...
How do you interpret this double?
Although I don't agree with your third sentence, I do agree with your second. I couldn't figure out what difference the OP was implying, unless he meant, "This is penalty, and I will draw and quarter you if you bid." In that case, David is right: you'll ...
it happened one night
Mike, I don't think any of us are arguing that the explanation wasn't a technical violation of the rules. I would simply argue with attributing unethical intent on the part of the person who violated those rules. Reminding him of his formal obligations is a fine thing to ...
it happened one night
Have to agree with John Cox. Yes, strictly speaking, the explanation was badly timed. But if this pair is as experienced and successful as the OP described, I seriously doubt the player was trying to tell his *partner* what the bid meant. Anyone who's ever played XYZ knows that ...
Jump support after reverse
Paulo, I suspect many people were in our camp. We have never discussed this auction, and we do NOT make undiscussed bids--period. The hands that might justify the jump to 4 are likely to be so rare that it's probably not worth our effort to discuss it now ...
Range for 3NT Response to 1m Opening
As many pairs do, we play that 1m 2 shows *either* a SJS in hearts or 13-15 balanced, Opener rebids 2, and responder bids 2NT with the NT hand and anything else with the SJS. Many pairs play the bid includes a mixed raise in the minor. This ...
Has Panic & Fear Overwhelmed Us? Far worse than COVID-19
Sure, Ray. But Ken is talking specifically about the mortality rate for Covid-19, which grows exponentially larger with increasing age. Most of us older people can't protect ourselves, at least in the short term, from heart attacks and strokes and cancer. We CAN protect ourselves, at least partially, from ...
Has Panic & Fear Overwhelmed Us? Far worse than COVID-19
To support Yu's statement that an "NABC is close to perfect setting for continuing the chain of transmission," I'll mention a conversation I had with my primary care physician some years ago. He asked me to describe a national bridge tournament. I did so, and he looked at ...

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