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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Double of Their Strong NT Opening
For us, the answer is largely a matter of frequency. We played penalty doubles of 1(strong)NT for years. I remember holding one exactly once. We did get a top on that board, but we lost a lot of flexibility on other hands in return. It didn't seem ...
District 9 (Florida) GNT final
Peter: You're close. West Palm Beach is a city on the eastern coast of Florida's mainland. What would be "East Palm Beach" is just called Palm Beach, and it's on an island off the east coast of Florida. It's almost exclusively an enclave of the very ...
Changes in meaning
So do we.
My Journey in Bridge
Jeff, I never said that a totally inexperienced teacher sat down with the newbies. The people who volunteer to do this are the people who have experience teaching bridge to youngsters. They don't try to teach them how to use Stayman--they show them how the play goes clockwise, and ...
My Journey in Bridge
Dale and I do go to most of the pizza parties, and I would say we offer no formal instruction at all. Sometimes kids who have never played will come, and then someone from SiVY will sit down with them and teach them the basic mechanics of the game. A ...
My Journey in Bridge
If you can find a student who is interested, I know that at UC Berkeley, students can be approved to teach a class worth 1 hour of credit. The daughter of a SiVY Board member organized such a class at Berkeley, and had so many sign up that she had ...
One double is enough for toil and trouble
If North has a takeout double of clubs, why didn't he make it last time? How could he make a nonforcing 3 bid and then force partner to the four level without a known fit?
My Journey in Bridge
Pizza I can speak about with greater authority (having spent a lot of time cutting it up over the past 4 years). We serve plain cheese, pepperoni, "combo" (which includes sausage as well as a lot of onions and peppers), and a few veggies. The kids like them in approximately ...
My Journey in Bridge
Jim, middle schools were chosen because so many high school students were already committed to other activities and were simply too busy to take up bridge. SiVY volunteers contacted the school administrators to suggest the possibility of offering after-school bridge lessons. It helped if the instructors had contacts at the ...
One double is enough for toil and trouble
Wouldn't you hope that B and C are redundant? Certainly, Dale and I play this double as penalties *because* that's what we think is best. I also think it's standard bridge, but the votes in this poll suggest that I'm wrong.

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