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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKQT875 --- AKJ985 ---
A famous expert once said to my first husband, "If all you need from partner is the right queen to make a slam, just bid it. You'll never get partner to cooperate on the perfect Yarborough." That advice seems to apply pretty well to this hand, and I'm ...
Protection after a weak 1NT
In practice, I wouldn't double here because we play it shows a different--and better--hand. If your agreement is really takeout, however, then I'd probably do it at matchpoints. It would depend on my mood. I'm assuming that a takeout double means just that--partner will only pass with ...
12-14 nt, rebid with 15-17
Dale and I (and Ed Manfield and I before that) played what Dave describes for many years. It works reasonably well, but we eventually decided we didn't want to have two 2/1 structures, one for 1 openings and another for all other openings.
12-14 nt, rebid with 15-17
In fact, this particular problem is why we switched to opening 1 on all balanced hands without a 5-card major and out of range for 1NT. It works *much* better with transfer responses to 1, though. We simply don't play in GCC events any longer (not that ...
Your Path to Success
We would choose between opening 3NT (which shows about this strength with a long solid suit) or opening 1 and rebidding 3 forcing. We don't use standard methods, obviously.
Your Path to Success
We play a variant in which 4 shows solid diamonds and 4-card heart support, and 4 shows 4-6 in the reds without solid diamonds. (To rebid 4 on a balanced hand, we rebid 3NT instead; it has no needed meaning in our overall system.) Our style will ...
The age of paranoia
In a past thread on this site (which I'm too lazy or incompetent to look up), I think a huge percentage of commenters argued that Player memos should be entirely anonymous. If the people who filed the complaint are not to be identified, then the Recorder clearly can't ...
The age of paranoia
The problem I see with Recorder forms is that the recorder typically does NOT talk to the pair in question to find out their side of the story. Sometimes the report is simply false. Case in point: a few years ago, Dale and I were playing against a pair of ...
Meaning of 5NT
Though I voted for "Pick a Slam, because that's by far the most common meaning, David Yates is clearly right that the meaning depends on context. Our agreements are quite similar to those he lists. Roman keycard has vastly reduced the utility of GSF on most auctions.
Passout-seat double by opening preemptor
If we have opened 4M, our balancing double shows both good offense AND good defense in context. (Good defense for a 4M opening is typically holding the ace of our suit and another outside control. I have doubled on such hands a few times.) If we have opened 2M, a ...

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