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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Aida Saldzieva-Lynn Johannesen
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Causes of lost time in high level pairs competitions.
At high levels, I think the single greatest time waster is failure to use the opponent's thinking time to do your own thinking. Often, one player will be spending a fairly long time making a bidding decision or planning a line of play. Then he makes a bid or ...
How Would You Interpret This Double?
We have no rules to cover this auction, which means it's a bid I simply would not make. If I wouldn't make it playing with Dale, I certainly wouldn't make it playing with a new partner. By process of elimination, it ought to be some form of ...
After an Inverted Minor Raise
It is possible to have it both ways, as we do, although ours is a weak NT base. We play that inverted minors don't deny a 4-card major if, and only if, they are game-forcing. Opener's 2NT rebid shows a strong NT, and therefore establishes a game force ...
After an Inverted Minor Raise
It seems to me that what is "playable" depends on what your 2NT response to 1m means. If you play that 2NT is invitational, then it works best to have 2NT be forcing one round. Responder typically won't be *both* minimum and balanced, so it works fine for responder ...
Strategy for Winning NABC Pair Event
Nic, I'm sure you have some statistical evidence to back up your assertion. It still contradicts my experience. Declarer can see all of his side's assets; defenders have to build a picture of the hand as it proceeds. Declarer is free to false-card and make other "tricky" plays ...
Strategy for Winning NABC Pair Event
One problem with swinging by being conservative is that your resulting "good" scores won't be as good as you think they will be. If you avoid vidding a 40% game that the field will bid, 40% of the time, when the game makes, you'll get a near-zero score ...
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
It seems to me both were equally to blame, but neither did anything terrible. I'd probably bid on both hands, but passing is hardly an error. Dale would almost certainly bid on both hands, but he's more aggressive than I am. Preempts do work sometimes.
Phillip Martin's bidding problem: JT AJ72 A43 AT86
This is a nice hand in some ways, but if partner couldn't muster an overcall or a takeout double, I don't see where we are going. We have no source of tricks for 3NT, and overcalling 3 (my distant 2nd choice) is likely to get us to ...
Five No Trump Bids
Our rule is that 5NT is the GSF only if, as Randy said, "The kibitzers knpw what suit is trumps" (which, in practice, means that our side has bid only one suit), the 5NT bid is made at the first opportunity after a suit is agreed, and 5NT is a ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
Perhaps I'm being dense, but I really don't see the issue here. If you actually cared about how hearts split (presumably to estimate your result), you could have played a couple of rounds of the suit before you claimed. You reported your opponent's original response as, "Yes--or ...

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