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Lynn Johannesen
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Online Bridge Ruling, Psychic or Fail to Alert
The emphasis on North's failure to redouble feels like a red herring to me. If North had redoubled, South would still have bid 4, West would still have doubled, and the result would have depended on East-Weat's (mis)defense. As for South's actions indicating some kind ...
Gratuitous Question!!!
John, have you even considered the possibility that East's double reflected superior bidding judgment rather than use of UI? It's hard to be objective after seeing all four hands, but I think I'd chance a double with the East hand. It sounds as if the opponents have ...
What Is Partner Showing?
This seems as if it is a matter of partnership agreement. I tend to agree with Kit that the raise by doubler should show 4-card support and not much else, though I guess I'd restrain myself with a very light takeout double. Dale, however, prefers the more traditional approach ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
Mike, I didn't mean to imply that it did. The psychological effect might still exist, but I haven't tried to keep track.
The Club's Coffee-Housing
Very early in my bridge career, my first husband gave me the following advice: If you want them to cover (or win) the honor you are leading, lead your highest of equals. If you want them to duck, lead your lowest. It doesn't always work, but it works often ...
The Meaning of This X?
Mike, if you pass 2, advancer can bid a pass or correct 2, or he can jump to 3 to show real support and values. If opener bids 3, advancer's options are more restricted. Richard, I agree with your first point--that's why we just ...
The Meaning of This X?
We play the double shows good diamonds (strong enough to handle a lead) and extra values. It enables responder to double the opponents if they land in one of his long suits. With a very good hand and long diamonds, we can double first, then bid 3 when the ...
A Double Standard?
The problem here, Ed, is that we are all using the word "inexperienced" as a euphemism for "bad" or "weak." Nobody wants to come out and say they are talking about bad bridge players, so they find a less loaded word than "bad." The problem is, as we all know ...
A Double Standard?
The alternatives offered here seem inconsistent to me. I responded "yes" to the question of whether a "takeout" double of Stayman over a strong NT requires an alert. We alert our doubles of Stayman after a weak NT, which simply show a good hand, not clubs. OTOH, I could equally ...
10 to 19 No Trump
Of course the client is entitled to know that, Chris. But are they announcing accurately when the client says, "We play 13-17 NT openings"? Dale's and my agreed range for a 2NT opening is "good 20 to 22." When Dale opens 2NT, I announced that range, but I also ...

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