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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
The students we teach at SiVY really like the bidding boxes, partly for one obvious reason: the scores for the contracts are printed on the backs of the bidding cards. There is a lot to learn before a beginner can play recognizable bridge. The fairly complex scoring doesn't need ...
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
Oh please. This auction won't come up again for 5 years. Something that happened once five years ago can't be said to constitute "an agreement." If it's a matter of bridge logic the first time, it's still a matter of bridge logic the second time.
An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
Art, I don't agree about the "fine line." Doug isn't expecting his partner to draw inferences based on partnership agreement, or even experience. He is expecting partner to use bridge logic to interpret the sequence. Just noticed that Doug defended the same position below. I think I'll ...
What is your plan?
Count me as one of those who would only invite at matchpoints. My answer assumed imps. Also, I agree with Richard Fleet, above and below, who suggested it would be better to play from responder's side. Our methods allow us to play game by responder, but not a part ...
More weirdness from the 1971 Bowl
To reinforce Michael's point about the first bonus hand, Ed Manfield and I played 13-15 NT openings, but we avoided opening them in 3rd seat vulnerable whenever possible. That is the most dangerous situation for a weak NT because the passed hand on your right can double to suggest ...
what is the difference between XX and 2NT here
Assuming that East's DBL is takeout, we would play that redouble showed a desire to penalize them if partner was interested. We'd typically have a hand like AQ9x Ax AQ10xx Jx--that is, a hand with very good defense against one major. We would also play that 2NT shows ...
Steve Moese's bidding problem: KQJ964 A5 A AQJ4
The answer to your first question, Steve, is that nobody has methods to deal with a three-loser hand here. The situation doesn't arise often enough to be part of system construction, let alone system discussion. More general agreements may be relevant, though. Some people play that double followed by ...
Crawling, Garbage, Something else
In a weak NT context, we bid Stayman on 5=4 in the majors, then 2. Opener always bids spades with equal length. If we have 4=5 in the majors, we just transfer to hearts. Ben, we aren't "showing" longer hearts than spades. We are giving opener ...
What are the ethical obligations?
Rusinow leads lost favor because of the problems involved in leading short honors. Since they were originally proposed partly as a way of resolving the ambiguity of the king lead, they were perceived to be less useful once leading A from AK became the norm. We play Rusinow leads only ...
What are the ethical obligations?
Did you feel insulted, David?

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