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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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pass fail
Jess: Yes, it's an acceptance. I agree with Jeff that it simply offers another possible strain for game. Obviously, many people feel that West's hand is too weak to accept the limit raise, but I don't agree with them. I'd always bid game on this hand ...
pass fail
Yu, I think you are wrong about whether most expert pairs would play this sequence as a "catch-all" invitation. The rule I was taught, by my clearly expert (indeed, probably Expert) first husband, is that you can never invite over an invitational bid. The obvious example is the partnership sequence ...
What is the meaning of this double?
Bidding fashions become self-reinforcing. As more pairs play more doubles for takeout or cards or DSIP or as game tries, more and more pairs preempt with less and less. I might join in, if only I could be sure in advance that my opponents followed the fashion. As it is ...
pass fail
Richard, many of us will avoid a negative double when we have support for partner's first suit. It may become difficult to show the support later without overbidding. Thus, if East-West have a game, it might be safer to bid it in hearts. Jeff, if you are implying that ...
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AKQ43 7 A852 A76
In my own methods, my 3 bid would have shown extra values, and I might simply pass 4. As it is, though, I don't think partner can possibly know I have a hand that is both this strong and this suitable for slam. I will have good ...
pass fail
The criticism of 3 looks too extreme to me. After all, West can make game opposite a perfect balanced 10 count, with East holding what he will perceive as the "useless" Q. Furthermore, the K is only worthless if South can get in to lead through it. Often he ...
What is the meaning of this double?
But David, opener shouldn't double on your second example if it's a penalty double. Granted, you won't hold many hands on which you can beat 3 in your own hand. Given the (to me) minimal utility of any other meaning for double, however, I don't ...
What is the meaning of this double?
Peg, how is partner to judge what to do? If your double doesn't promise a high diamond and doesn't promise a heart stopper, how can partner ever bid 3NT? When would he be able to judge to pass the double? Could you have a stiff diamond for the ...
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
Many years ago, I was playing against Edgar and Betty Kaplan. At some point, Betty showed out in clubs. Edgar said, "No clubs, Betty?" She shook her head. Edgar asked again, "Are you sure you have no clubs?" Betty said, "I'm sure." Edgar said, "Perhaps hidden among your spades ...
What is the meaning of this double?
We have a general agreement that doubles are never strictly for penalties below 3 when the opponents have bid and raised a suit. OTOH, we also have a general agreement that after one partner preempts, the other partner's doubles are always penalties. Finally, we have a general agreement ...

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