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MagnúS EiðUr MagnúSson
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July 21, 2010
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July 11
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Who Will Direct the Directors?
just curious what would have 2clubs or 3clubs mean in this system after the negative respond?
TD Ruling
what decl is playing for is east to hold something like x AQxxxx x QTxxx its the only hand even close to logical to think east has 5clubs becouse of stiff lead,, with 5251 w would never lead club we can all agree with that.. I really dont like to ...
Clubs and Hearts
This is a diffecult case the more i think about it,, 4sp bid after 4club does not mean much so dbl of 5clubs seems like it just means i had full values for 4sp... Tha means S would never ever pass 5clubs dbls and has a clear-cut 5Diamond bid.. S ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AKQ9 AKQT54 T AT
This is why you play 5nt pick a slam hand like these seems like a perfect bid
Public statement from and myself
Do they have CC can we see there defensive methods.
FS sentencing from IBF
Were Young and greedy and took the bait,, life time though well that is 2 much for me,, 3-5 years and never play toghether seems enough though not saying i feel sry for them.
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
if you are 50% making 11 tricks vs xxx xxxx xxx Qxx and are claim for game vs xxx xxxx xxxx xx how can opening that hand 2club be issue? If its so that rule should be changed right away.
Geir Helgemo N° 1
Its rather amazing this hasnt been done already,,, how hard can it be really?
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Its just shamefull what happened here, sure it looks like Lall Bathurst could have filled there CC better,, but the behaviour of the Spanish team is just outrageous and very obvious they were doing anything to get the sponsor to play simple as that.
ACBL Suspends Piekarek and Smirnov
When Smirnov came clean was it maybe not time for him to go all the way and admit to everything they were doing? Isnt that the most important thing in all this mess know how the cheaters were cheating.

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