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Magnus Olafsson
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May 27, 2014
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7 hours ago
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about me

Played bridge for a short time only (1986 to 1992) but did very well. Began to play again a little in mid 2014. One of the top Directors of the UN. Was on the team that received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for looking for weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Retired in 2016 to be able to begin to play serious bridge again...

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing a Forcing Pass system in a match against Zmudzinski and Balicki in the early 1990s. They also played a Forcing Pass. The most common result was 1100. That was fun!
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the strong annual Icelandic Championship three times in row (1990 to 1992); three different teams, three partners.
Favorite Tournaments
ACBL Nationals
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Best plan to 10 tricks!
I think Andy got it right. Take 5 trump trucks in hand + A of diamonds + 3 spade tricks + finally one ruff in dummy = 10 tricks. E most certainly has xx-x-KQxx-AKJxxx for his vulnerable 3 level overcall. Bridge is such an easy game ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Thanks Donald (again!) for providing relevant information. The statement from Mr Harris clarifies some issues. Mr Harris, as you may remember, became famous for officially (in a WBF statement) calling us the “lynching mob”. Us, who in harmony and goodwill tried and succeeded in decoding the secret codes used by ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
Thanks Adam for being awake regarding this important issue. Ever since the doctors took the ruling of the Disciplinary Board of the German Bridge Federation (DBV) of October 4, 2014, to the Civil Court in Cologne (Koln), many of us have been worried about the end outcome and the consequences ...
RR4 Board 30
Thanks Glen. This is exactly what Sabine Auken did but West played back a diamond and now she had to take prematurely a decision, i.e. before she could test the various 3-3 breaks. She made the percentage correct play but down one.
RR4 Board 30
Tom, You're absolutely and 100% correct (and I need to enhance my programming skills). Your way eliminates my condition that BOTH the diamond finesse AND the 3-3 club break have to be met (when both majors are breaking 4-2 or worse). Now clubs can behave badly. Thanks!
RR4 Board 30
Take the third club trick before K of spades and a spade to the jack. I know, I know, I'll go down a few if West has the Q...
RR4 Board 30
Sabine can rest assured: her decision to take the diamond finesse is actually more than three times more likely to succeed than to rely on 3-3 breaks in two of the other suits (due to communication problems, you basically need 3-3 breaks in both black suits). On a club lead ...
Experiment for master thesis
Very interesting indeed. It really takes you only a few minutes to deal with these decisions. My randomly chosen role was "sponsor", which is pretty straight-forward in terms of decisions. Interesting in Game Theory also. One minor observation regarding an adjustment: I don't want to receive a payment for ...
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
Peg, Oren is a fine young man and he means well. He will take good care of ALL bridge players. His work on BW is to be blessed.
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
I'm a bit like JoAnn who began this whole discussion: surprised by the narrowness of the comments here on BW. We Scandinavians may suffer from the problem of being obsessed with "gender issues". But there is thinking behind the concept: Women are simply more intelligent than us males. Look ...

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