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Magnus Olafsson
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May 27, 2014
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about me

Played bridge for a short time only (1986 to 1992) but did very well. Began to play again a little in mid 2014. One of the top Directors of the UN. Was on the team that received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for looking for weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Retired in 2016 to be able to begin to play serious bridge again...

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing a Forcing Pass system in a match against Zmudzinski and Balicki in the early 1990s. They also played a Forcing Pass. The most common result was 1100. That was fun!
Bridge Accomplishments
Won the strong annual Icelandic Championship three times in row (1990 to 1992); three different teams, three partners.
Favorite Tournaments
ACBL Nationals
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BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
Peg, Oren is a fine young man and he means well. He will take good care of ALL bridge players. His work on BW is to be blessed.
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
I'm a bit like JoAnn who began this whole discussion: surprised by the narrowness of the comments here on BW. We Scandinavians may suffer from the problem of being obsessed with "gender issues". But there is thinking behind the concept: Women are simply more intelligent than us males. Look ...
BBO Vugraph - Where are the women?
The point is that we have the second day of the finals for USA1 (women) and the first day of the semi finals for USA2 (men). It's really astonishing to select the less important matches.
Foundations of hand patterns
Roland, like Han Peters and Steve Moese above, I congratulate you on this fine work. As we all know, inventions and other breakthroughs are typically due to solid scientific foundation work (and often in a totally different area). Therefore, I cannot agree with Rob Lakowske above (himself also being a ...
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
Thanks Patrick. Great material indeed. I always thought "Contract Bridge" was a term first used by Vanderbilt and friends in 1925, but now it seems that it was already in use in France in 1910. I wrote a private email to you in French a couple of weeks ago regarding ...
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
I actually agree with you, Jean-Pierre: doing bridge probabilities was not a challenge for Borel. I've often thought about the reasons why he spent time on this (the poker model was different: it was a true break-through in game theory). I think he may have had a certain admiration ...
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
Yes Yu. You're right. I apologize. But Borel was such a God to me when I was 20 years old that I take it personally. I apologize again.
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
Thanks. I've always liked your famous signature (:)Yu). History is important: without it we don't know who we are. Borel DID identify, analyze and solve the Restricted Choice issue. And he should get the appropriate recognition for that work.
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
I honestly don't understand this comment. I've tried and failed. If I read on a website that Taft was one of the greatest presidents of the US ever (I actually think he was), does it mean that Reagan wasn't (not on the list). Your comment is so ...
Mary and John and Bayes
And thanks to you Roland for your very constructive comments, as always. Of course, we all agree with you: it's essential to know the full theory before we begin to make practical rules (or shortcuts). But for that we have experts like you! In my view, the normal bridge ...

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