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June 20, 2012
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Bridge post-mortems at the table
I once read somewhere that when the opponents are having an argument at the table, you should agree with the one who is wrong. Entertaining concept but probably not in line with zero tolerance so I have never personally attempted to try this. ;-)
1Nt---(2M)---X as penalties
Abstein. My preference is to use X as penalty but only if we play Rubensohl (which in my opinion is the best convention to use over a natural overcall after we open 1NT).
1Nt---(2M)---X as penalties
I cannot even remember anybody ever asking if we use penalty X before they overcall with trash.
Is this alertable (T-Walsh)
Since this bid is not included in the Alert Chart, it is alertable if "Unusual strength, shape, etc." but not alertable if "About expected strength and shape". To me it seems pretty clear that this means it's alertable. Also, since there is no penalty for alerting a non alertable ...
Bridge post-mortems at the table
In my experience, a significant share of the post-mortems done at the table end up being wrong one way or another. The quality of the post-mortem becomes significantly better if done after the session is over with hand records as well as time available. Another downside is the risk of ...
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
Would you call the Director?
Sorry if I wasn't clear here but what I meant to say was that if you have an agreement that 2S shows a limit raise but you have not discussed the exact number of H required then you should not mention anything about the number of hearts in the ...
The Cost of Cheating to the Community
How will the videos help catching cheaters in the ACBL when those videos are not made available to the public? The reason the European cheaters were caught was because a large number of people volunteered a huge number of hours watching those videos which ultimately resulted in PO Cullin and ...
Would you call the Director?
You either have an agreement that the 2S bid show a specific number of hearts or you have not discussed this in which case you don't have any such agreement. In this case it seems like there is no agreement so the proper explanation is that the bid shows ...
Statement admitting to ethical violations.
In the ACBL the applicable regulation clearly states that you should explain the meaning of the bid rather than the name of the convention.

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