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Marc Bonnet
Marc Bonnet
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Sept. 30, 2013
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about me

Scientist (in the applied math department of a Paris area university), married and father of 3.

Experienced France-based player.

System: French standard (5-card majors, strong NT, multi 2!D, 2M weak 2-suiters) with US twists (forcing 1NT replies over 1M openings, Jacoby 2NT, 2/1 almost GF) and many specialized treatments.


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Bridge Accomplishments
One national teams title (Division Nationale 4 open teams, 2016); one third placing in national pairs championship (Division Nationale 3 open pairs, 2016) ; several regional wins.
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Antony, France
Favorite Tournaments
I only play in FFB-organized competition (except for BBO practice sessions)
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Is Bridge a sport ? The F-N case.
Yes Patrick, I get this, but does this objective imply tying bridge to olympics?
Is Bridge a sport ? The F-N case.
To determine whether bridge ought/should be institutionally labelled as a sport is one thing. I have no strong views either way. Then, whether or not to tie bridge to olympic institutions (thereby tainting it due to politics, corruption etc) is an entirely separate question. I should hope that the ...
What Do You Make of This Jump?
How about Exclusion KCB with trumps? Clearly cannot show length/strength, else why 3 first? Since 3 was forcing, opener's hand can be unlimited (or, at least, quite strong). May also depend on the rest of the system, e.g. what are the strongest ...
Your Ideal Opening Structure
Dave is curious about opening bids up to 2NT, not opening leads against 2NT :-)
Negative Doubles after Opponent's Overcall of 4 of a Major?
Doubles cannot be too narrowly defined at this level. They simply imply strength and deny very shapely hands that would be bid naturally or via 4NT. Partner is expected to leave them in with an unpromising, flattish hand. It is preferable to have four spades in case 1, but I ...
Partner's reopening double
Normal expectation is for partner to have three spades, not four (with which he would usually reopen with 2). As said above, partner's expected shape is 3=1=3=6.
ATB - Bidding after Unusual 2NT
North's 3 is a simple preference, not guaranteeing real support, and the present hand is way too good for that. North should bid either 3, or 4 if played constructive (preemption no longer being an overriding objective due to West's silence). Over 3, South ...
What do you play against multi 2!D?
direct X: (i) about 13-15, can be of amorphous shape (so a hand somewhat below a sound t/0 X of a 2M opener), or (ii) strong t/o, say 18+ pass, then X: sound t/o values 2M natural, opening values or more 3M strong M one-suiter 2NT 16-18 ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Other recent elections might justifiably elicit similar questions / puzzlement
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
As Kieran said
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