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Marc Bonnet
Marc Bonnet
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Sept. 30, 2013
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about me

Scientist (in the applied math department of a Paris area university), married and father of 3.

Experienced France-based player.

System: French standard (5-card majors, strong NT, multi 2!D, 2M weak 2-suiters) with US twists (forcing 1NT replies over 1M openings, Jacoby 2NT, 2/1 almost GF) and many specialized treatments.


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Bridge Accomplishments
One national teams title (Division Nationale 4 open teams, 2016); one third placing in national pairs championship (Division Nationale 3 open pairs, 2016) ; several regional wins.
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Antony, France
Favorite Tournaments
I only play in FFB-organized competition (except for BBO practice sessions)
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Directing to what lead?
The doubler passed over 3 not yet knowing that opener would bid 3NT, so cannot have concealed a long and strong major suit. Doubling with very good s is more conceivable since bidding 4 over 3 would often still be unappealing (say 5332 with KQJxx and out ...
Same doubled contract by same team in both rooms
ATB- missing spade contract
South could have bid more strongly, but I understand reluctance on their part (soft balanced hand, honors of unclear values in suits bid by opponents, desire to avoid an iffy game at matchpoints). North's 1 bid can be based on either a 4-card suit and some values, or ...
I do not see any problem with West's 3rd seat opener; this by the way makes East's double of 1NT a very borderline action (would be more normal facing a 1st or 2nd seat opener). The unilateral 2 bid was really begging for trouble; 2 would ...
My thoughts, my heart, and my tears are with our French brothers and sisters.
Thanks all for much-appreciated sympathy. This is indeed a traumatic event for the city. Perhaps the positive energy generated by a shared will to rebuild and overcome this accident will somehow benefit the common good.
ACBL Bulletin Review of When to Bid Notrump
In a French expert-level (Division nationale 4) teams match last fall, we saw a scary push at +720. Opener had 15HCP 6322 with AQxxxx (opened 1NT 15-17 at both tables). Responder had 15HCP 4333 and did not bid beyond 3NT. There were 13 top tricks (thanks to a perfect honor ...
Forcing Jump?
I expect very strong (in fact unanimous) expert consensus on non-forcing. Here I would play 4 as "preemptive-constructive", i.e. showing useful distributional values and genuine willingness to play 5 (either to make or as a sacrifice) if partner's hand warrants competing further. A typical hand for ...
How do you play this 3!s bid?
I never thought about this situation before. I think it is better to play X as basically some game hand. Cramming that bid with competitive cases, such as a delayed competitive 3, seems unplayable (for one thing, opener is probably allowed to respond 3NT to the double if that ...
Anders Wirgren has passed away
Very sad news! My heartfelt condolences to his family and relatives. I knew him only from his writing, being an avid reader of bridge literature to which he made very worthy contributions. He wrote over the last years a string of articles on advanced card play topics in TBW, such ...
Your turn.
We know partner cannot possibly have a hand warranting a penalty double. Overtaking and returning J plays partner for AJ/AQ10xx or AJ/AK10xx (with maybe longer s) and out. No way either is a business X of 3NT. Therefore that X was something else. Maybe showing a 4-card ...
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