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Marc Droulez
Marc Droulez
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Dec. 10, 2016
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Marc Droulez's bidding problem: K742 QT5 Q7 JT53
Partner's hand was j10x AKxxx AKxxx - and with diamond splitting 4h was an easy Make. At the other table the opponent bid a direct 4h (probably a good gamble at these colours). There was some discussion whether 3c was a general invite or game forcing with slam ambition.
Marc Droulez's bidding problem: T53 AK K85 KQ987
1nt 15-17
Doubling opponent's Landy
sorry , the poll could have been worded better . I am stuck with 2M and 3M as defined by Mike Lawrence (which works fairly well) and the only debate in my partnernship was about he meaning of DBL. Thanks to all for sharing their favorite treatment.
Marc Droulez's bidding problem: T8 J983 AQ9 AK74
First board of cross imp event; i thought my dbl was a tad aggressive but the votes suggest pass is clear cut. dbl was not a success : -1190 on a trump lead declarer is 5161 and discards his club on dummy's hearts for 13 imps away. Small consolation : if ...
Marc Droulez's lead problem: T932 K7 AQ J8754
Thank you for your votes. Thought the club lead was a mistake, may be I was just resulting. A club lead gives declarer his 7th trick for 3%. Any other lead +100 for 40%. You can make 3 or 4 diamonds for about 60% Doubler's hand QJ65/QJ5/KJ7543/-
Forcing or not ?
In most partnerships i have played this forcing at imp nf at matchpoints. That would also be my guess opposite an unknown partner
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