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Marc LaChapelle
Marc LaChapelle
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Basic Information

Member Since
April 25, 2015
Last Seen
Oct. 13
Member Type
Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning a Top Bracket Swiss Regional after being blitzed on the first round.
Bridge Accomplishments
2018 Canadian Open Pairs Champion. 3 Flight A Regional events won in a row with 3 different partners. 50+ Blue Ribbon Q.
Regular Bridge Partners
Xavier Combey, Pascale Gaudreault, Chantal Dubé, Gregory Garinther and occasionally, Nicolas Lecuyer, Jeff Blond, Fred Pollack and Normand Houle.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Le Mirage - Bridge Québec
Favorite Tournaments
Can AM in Montréal
Favorite Conventions
Modified Heeman Structure over our NT (12-16 or 17-19)
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
!S !H !D !C Scientific American - Modified Polish Club !C !D !H !S
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Take control or not?
Dear all, As promised, here's the second hand, being the 1NT opener's one: AJx AQJx KQxx xx As you can appreciate, this a lay down grand in or NT, provided that don't break 4-0. The key is for the responder to transfer the control of ...
Take control or not?
Reha, this is just flying blind like a bat. You'll take the wrong decision once out of two. It's a clear case to let your partner ask the questions, as you will be able to reveal all of what your hand contains, while you'll never be able ...
Take control or not?
Good show Steven. :)
Take control or not?
Good call Michael. The second hand to be disclosed soon... :))
Take control or not?
Good show Hamish: you'll get there if you cue bid to transfer the control to the 1NT hand.
Take control or not?
Good show. As long as you can transfer the auction control to the opener after, you'll be in business...
Take control or not?
Good hand for methods, as well as for judgement... No matter what you use, if you don't transfer the control to your partner, you end up flying blind...
Take control or not?
Dear Frances, Those are not MY methods, but my partner's one at the other table. Nevertheless, the key point here is to try to put your hand in the picture and transfer to the passenger seat after. Multiple ways to get there, Patrick's and Steve's being some ...
Take control or not?
Well, the idea is not to guess for him... :) Please see Patrick Laborde and Steve Bloom contributions above.
Take control or not?
Good show Kit. The key idea is exactly to let your pard do the guesswork. The second hand to follow... :) Thanks for your contribution.
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