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Feb. 7, 2012
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Another UI problem?
I promise he meant no disrespect
Another UI problem?
I agree in hindsight about pass being a logical alternative. What if 4S goes down and I gain by passing? It seems the non offending side should get the nod regardless of the outcome.
Another UI problem?
1S showed 5
Another UI problem?
Perhaps...For us 2S after 1H 1S 2C 2D... is 14-15 points with 3 card spade support. I don't have a good way to also show the sixth heart.
Another UI problem?
I agree with Kits assessment that pass may not be best call but certainly is a logical alternative. It would be perfectly reasonable to roll back the contract.
Another UI problem?
The client didn't get the convention wrong.
Another UI problem?
Thank you for posting this hand Ai Tai, as I genuinely wanted to know the answer. A few things though...I think it is important to remember that while clients are inexperienced, we are not children and are often educated. I would be happy to accept the directors ruling and ...
Correct. "Not alertable" and "shouldn't be alerted" is different. It's not always the case that when in doubt you should alert something.
The auction that has always bothered me is the alert of a 3c response to 2NT, making sure that partner remembers we play puppet and not regular Stayman. That and alerts of bids above 3nt after openers 2nd call make me wary of the "when in doubt alert" admonition.
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