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Marc Zwerling
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Oct. 2, 2011
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Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
Michael, I don’t plan to revisit all of Jonathan’s comments but here is one example: In an August 19 post about Mark, Jonathan commented to describe what he claimed were “very clear” facts “even if not published and no hearing has been held” and then characterized Mark’s ...
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
McKenzie, you have perceptively smoked out that there is more to Wolfe's story. So here it is: Less that an hour after incident Wolfe reported, he and I had a second interaction with Mark. This one demonstrated both Mark's unusual respect for the game and his kindness. Going ...
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
Jonathan, Generally, I take no issue with people being skeptical. I just wish you had been more skeptical of all the false factual claims you posted about this case based on undisclosed, biased sources. All the while you knew that this matter was being aggressively pursued and all sides would ...
A new (?) idea for 2N
Phil, Actually, what I suggest - and have played with good success for quite a while - is to have all 3 level bids show specific, good 2 suiters along the lines of Pin Point Astro [3H shows majors and 3S S and D; With the blacks, we couble 1N [a 1 ...
A new (?) idea for 2N
Phil, Your desire to be able to show a good 2 suiter immediately over 1N is understandable. But why are you exclusively focused on the majors? Let's say you rearranged the hand you gave to xx, AJ9xx, AQxxxx and void. That's a likely game opposite a hand with ...
Chris Gibson's bidding problem: KQ85 AKQ4 --- QT986
Whatever partnership meaning 3D has, surely it sets S as trump. {If not, then perhaps a system change is indicated]. If over 3D partner signs off in 3S, I can continue with 4D. Again, whatever partner thinks about this, he or she will know that I lack a C control ...
Take control or not?
Marc = I bid 2C puppet stayman]followed by 4C - 5-3-3-2 slam or grand slam try with 5D - Based on your comments to others partner presumably bids 4D as RKC and then uses the second step to ask for Kings which are shown naturally up the line with Nt substituting for ...
After a 1 H relay in Precision
David - I agree that using 1H as a relay after a negative to a strong club is by far the best approach to these auctions. However, I think the most efficient and effective continuations are via artificial relay. This approach. which puts Opener in charge and usually results in Opener ...
On Testing Bidding Systems
Nigel - I agree with your list of priorities but would also highly rate the value of minimizing the disclosure of information to the opponents and right siding the final contract. A further factor, though in my mind of lesser significance, is avoiding large penalties.
Softening The Blow
I answered "cordial, I would do it" but only because there wasn't an option for "If the opponents said they planned to report a normal score if it turned out not to make a difference, i would. as a courtesy, neither object nor bring up the hand to others ...

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