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Oct. 2, 2011
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Jim Elliott & Marc Zwerling
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Alert a natural preempt?
To JA “I say it’s mainstream in my area because I teach it, and I play here and I see what people are doing” I am not so interested in whether you pre-alert but your us of the description “mainstream” causes me to be curious about two things: 1 ...
Of relevance to issue from Honolulu
How good do you make this grand slam If a double in pass out seat says “don’t lead”a S” or even better if it says “lead a H”, or even better still if opening leader has the partnerships Ace. Maybe Kit’s partnership agreement is not the most ...
A Rarity
Ben, Not wanting to concede a trick on the go, I too was attracted to the passive club lead. But, the fact that I had most of our sides assets caused me to worry about the end play threat. In retrospect, the actual layout breathes life into that concern and ...
Hey Dave, As I noted, my reply was not intended to be responsive to MR's ask - Rather, I just wanted to respond to what I took as an inquiry that up to that point was being ignored. That acknowledged, here's my response to MR's ask. For the ...
Bill, It seems to me that if you assume RHO has 4S and is 4-3 or 3-4 in the minors, 6N was cold with no further assumptions or guesses required. Here's how: Don't cash the minor suit Aces. Instead play the fifth [good] heart and pitch dummy's ...
Marc Zwerling's bidding problem: 72 A972 AKQ62 J5
Hendrik Here there seems little question that North's balk communicated unauthorized information to her partner and that the unauthorized information suggested South bid 4H on her second opportunity. Assuming you agree, the proper ruling appears to hinge on the two questions That follow: First, as applied to this rather ...
Marc Zwerling's bidding problem: 72 A972 AKQ62 J5
Hendrik I agree with your comment about the 3S bid. Also, once the hesitators partner bid 4H, I am critical of overcallers failure to bid 4S. With those acknowledgement, what impact if any do you think those bidding decisions should have had on the ruling?
Marc Zwerling's bidding problem: 72 A972 AKQ62 J5
Thanks for your thoughts. Here's the rest of the story. The Director allowed the bid after consulting the other available Directos including one of our leading national Directors. The reason given was that bidding 4H was clear notwithstanding the fact that South bid 3H only at her first opportunity ...
Marc Zwerling's bidding problem: 72 A972 AKQ62 J5
Yes, you are correct. The initial hand given is South's. She bid 4H the second time around. The issue is should the Director allow the 4H bid to stand. I am sorry I didn't make this clearer in the post.
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
Michael, I don’t plan to revisit all of Jonathan’s comments but here is one example: In an August 19 post about Mark, Jonathan commented to describe what he claimed were “very clear” facts “even if not published and no hearing has been held” and then characterized Mark’s ...

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